Neonis the new addition to the world of signs. Almost every sign is now being designed in a neon form, be it an actual neon glass or LED neon. It has started from the beginning of 1900 by a Frenchman who had made neon as a by product of something else. In 1910, neon was first featured as a two piece of a 12meter long red neon tube. And the addition of the phosphorus has made it more attractive to the eyes. Neon has a great power to work for 40,000 hours which makes its usability more attractive.

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Since this time neon has been used in every other occasion to highlight anything that needs to be highlighted. Nowadays even someone has to highlight a name or a quote or any word that needs to be recognised, neon is used for that. This is how neon art is being popularised. Click here to check how else you can make neon work.

How neon is being made for art and sign purpose

Neon is made out of glass pipes. Inside the pipe there are phosphorus and argon gas that makes the florescent hue. In a hot flame a huge glass tube is heated and then it is shaped according to the preference of the customer. Then the pure neon or argon is mixed as needed. Neon can be of different colours like warm white, cool white, red, green, blue and RGB neon colours. All these colours are equally used for any kind of sign. Nowadays is a restaurants and cafes persondecorating the walls with neon signs or quotes. Any simple wall can be brightened up by this. You can check for more ideas about how to make use of neon.

LED neon

Pure neon is risky to handle and for that most of the time it is being supported by acrylic or wooden base. Maintenance of pure neon is very difficult that’s why LED neon is very popular now. LED neon is much more easy to use and not prone to breakage. The longevity of LED neon is very long and it works better than the pure neon. Neon arts can easily we made by LED neon as these neon pipes are easy to bend to form the desired art works. You can visit this website for more information about neon and how it can be made to work.