Years of sharing a room with your siblings can feel a bit suffocating, especially if all of you are already adults. For this reason, you might find yourself looking for a space where you can have your freedom. As an adult (mostly), you may have a job that can pay the rent of a condo monthly. It’s a privilege because you can do the things you’ve been wanting, like living alone.

Living alone may sound lonely or isolating, especially in this pandemic era. However, it can give you independence, more personal growth, and the freedom to choose the condo interior design in Singapore. You won’t have a sibling who takes up spaces when you want me-time or a younger brother who’s nosy about your things. You might miss them, though, but living in a condo all by yourself is liberating.

If you’re ready to move into your new condo, here are some HBD design tips in Singapore to make you a happy and contented single person.

Why Living Alone Feels Liberating and Empowering

Before packing your things, make sure you know why living alone is good for you. Your mother may feel lonely because her child is now a grown-up that wants to live independently. Or, you may miss your siblings after months of living alone. Regardless of these reasons, there are more things to look forward to when you have your condo or apartment. So, here are the reasons why living alone feels liberating and empowering:


  • You’ll Prioritise Self-care – When living alone, you can walk naked around your living room, dance, sing, or work out without people disturbing you! For this reason, you’ll prioritise self-care and may improve your mental health.
  • Freedom to Choose Interior Design – Do you know that interior design can affect your living experience? Yes, and luckily, you have the freedom to choose your condo interior design depending on your preferences and lifestyle. You can go for minimalist, luxe, environmentally friendly, etc.!
  • You Have More Control – If you’re living with your parents, you might follow their rules, such as dinnertime at 7 pm or shared use of bathrooms. But, if you live alone, you can have more freedom! You can eat and use the bathroom anytime you want.
  • Financially Independent – When living alone, you will learn how to save money. You’ll allot a budget for groceries, needs, bills, and even service fees for the interior design services in Singapore. With this, you can still support yourself.
  • Pursue Your Passion – Living alone can open you to more opportunities! You can work at home without noise, practice dancing or singing, or include your art studio in your condo interior design.

If the reasons above make you feel excited about living alone, pursue it and feel more empowered! To make your single and living solo more fulfilling, continue reading this article for condo and HDB interior design tips.


The Condo or HDB Interior Design Tips for Single and Happy People


For sure, you’ve heard your friends longing for a boyfriend or girlfriend to feel happier. However, real happiness starts within you! You have to be satisfied alone because it feels more fulfilling and penetrates deeper into your soul. If you want to find joy in solo living, start by renovating your place with this condo or HDB interior design tips to achieve happiness in your singlehood.


1) Simple Yet Quality Furniture, Appliances

More is fun; more is amusing! But, in interior design, investing in basic yet quality furniture and appliances is more long-term. Your condo will look more clean, bright, and less cluttered when you buy quality furniture. Regardless of your style preferences, don’t forget to look for high-quality furniture and appliances when partnering with an interior design company in Singapore.

After all, your space will feel more light and crisp! Don’t forget to make time looking for quality supplies when revamping your condo, HDB, residential interior design in Singapore. Less is more; fewer is better!

2) Make Room for Unwinding

Are you a book lover, painter, or music enthusiast? Make sure to include room for your passion! You can consist of a mini library in your condo interior design to have quiet reading time. You can also make an art room, where you can feel inspired to paint or draw. Surprisingly, you can have your music room and play instruments to relax.

After working for eight hours every day, you need to destress to ease your worries or problems. When living alone, don’t forget to stay in your me-time room and prioritise your mental health. After all, solo living can be stressful, too, from time to time. So, don’t forget to take time to unwind in your condo.

3) Transform Into A Greener Space

Nature has an impact on your living experience– in a good way! The smell, sight, and energy you get from plants can make you less stressed. Plants will teach you how to become more respectful to your environment. Living in the middle of the city is sometimes a stressful experience. The noise of the car and people can irritate you! Hence, try to include nature in your condo or HDB interior design in Singapore.

To begin with, you can look for indoor plants that are easy to maintain. You can buy aloe vera, snake plant, cactus, or bonsai trees!

4) Dining, Bedroom, Bathroom

You will spend most of your time in these three rooms. That’s why you need to design it according to your preference. Do you want minimalist dining and a bedroom? Go for it! Do you want a vanity mirror in your bathroom? Sure, you can! It’s your place, and you have the freedom to transform it the way you want. Therefore, look for an interior design company that can fulfil your requests.

5) Be Yourself

Lastly, you can go outside of the box! Although you’re following interior design guidelines, it’s better to bring a touch of yourself into your HDB or condo interior design. You can be unique and quirky with your choices. A pink kitchen wall painting? An abstract painting on the wall? An eccentric-looking decoration? Do it and be yourself!

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