If you are looking for a workplace storage solution, you may not be sure which type and size to choose. It sounds like it would be an easy fix, but with so many options available, many of which are not suitable for oily, hot, or humid environments, it’s easy to go wrong with the wrong choice.

The material handling system in https://www.colbyderrimut.com.au warehouse includes the movement, storage, control and protection of materials that must be performed throughout the entire process of production, distribution, consumption and disposal. The equipment in this process is usually divided into four categories, such as warehouse and handling equipment, engineering systems, industrial trucks, and material handling.

Take a look at the different types of material handling equipment that are widely used by manufacturing companies:

Pallet racks

Pallet racks are made up of racks and racking beams arranged in one or two rows. Rows can be arranged according to the size and shape of the products. There are several pallet racking systems, including pallet racking, double-depth pallet racking, pallet racking and many more. Although pallet racks vary in size and configuration, almost all racks allow materials to be stored on pallets in horizontal rows on multiple levels.


Besides using the pallet racking system, warehouse operators can also use racking as a storage solution. Shelves are equipped with options such as dividers, lockable doors and drawers to keep materials safe.


Conveyors are automated handling equipment used to transport heavy or bulky materials. A conveyor belt consists of two or more pulleys supported by rollers or a flat chute along the way. This material handling system enables fast and efficient transport of a wide variety of materials. It is widely chosen by the pharmaceutical, food and beverage, packaging and automotive industries. Several trusted companies in Arizona offer a wide variety of conveyor systems, including conveyor belts, garbage conveyors, pallet conveyors, gravity conveyors, and many more.


Mezzanines are semi-permanent floor systems that are anchored in the warehouse infrastructure. Warehouse operators can install this storage system between two permanent floors and easily expand the warehouse area. Freestanding mezzanines are made from steel, aluminum and fiberglass and are usually available as rolls, shelf brackets, or shelf brackets.

While several companies offer material handling equipment to manufacturers in different parts of the world, several reliable companies offer custom material handling equipment in a variety of sizes and functions. They provide a wide range of material handling equipment to meet the storage requirements of any manufacturing industry.

If you are looking for a storage solution for your industry, feel free to specify your requirements. You can connect with reliable companies online and get material handling equipment tailored to your industry infrastructure.