Today, the market would have the necessity for tools for thread cutting on unnumbered occasions. Different sorts of equipment and instruments would need different sorts of threads. You can take the instance if the pipe and screw.

The pipe would be larger and therefore would need the thread to be stronger to grip. The pipes have utilized in a range of environments. All depending on the usage of the pipe, the industries use different sorts of taps and dies like the ACME thread taps and metric thread taps.

We shall here see a few different uses of the pipes and see how the industries use different dies and taps.

The form of threading is famous in the United State and several other parts of the world as well. The NPT threads are tapered thread utilized on fittings and pipes. These forms of threads make sure a closer grip thereby assuring against fluid leaks. That’d be in full contrast to the flat threads you’d meet on the screw.

These forms are standardized threads offering an efficient seal for the fitting and pipes transforming gases and liquids. The NTP thread taps allow making a seal when you torque them jointly. The flanks are compressed against any other thread forming an ideal seal assuring there’d be no leakages.

The tapering form of the thread would entail a bigger dimension of the stuff compressing into a small diameter for making the seal. Hence, you’d need the use of a greasing material such as a greasing paste or tape. This method prevents the burr that’d outcome in the shattering of the threads.

Here tape also assures that it limits the corrosion in the threads. That’d make it impossible for the disassembly in the time of leakage. The tape makes sure simple disassembly for maintaining purpose.

In this moment of transformation of fuels and extremely harmful and combustible gases, the tapper thread pipes would suffice. There’d consistently be a leakage someway leading to terrible consequences. These pipes need an exclusive tool for threading known as NPTF threading taps and threads.

The NPTF is a type of dry seal pipe decreasing the use of the Teflon pipes or some other sealant components. They’ve the different root and crest heights thereby take massive care of the spiral leakage fluid or gages.

  • Metric threads

Several states such as UK follow this system. Such states use the UK standard pipes metric taps as giants the tapper taps and dies in United States etc. the fundamental laws are identical here. The size and dimension of the pitch of the nuts and screws would replace. That means you’d not be capable to use the British standard pipes with the tapper pipes and vise verse.

  • Unfired thread taps

These types of taps and dies have utility in one volume production. They’ve the characteristics of the low-value tools. Hence, they’ve an extreme degree of perfection and are less dependent on process of employees.


You’ve just seen the several types of tapes and dies in use in various states in the world.