Payment gateways are more than necessary if you are looking to set up your online business. You will require a secure payment gateway so that all the transactions are being processed in no time. If you are in South Africa and looking to set up your business, you will have issues with the payments because the payment options are not that much wide. When you are looking to accept payments from your clients, you will face tremendous problems because there are few payment gateways in South AfricaIn Africa, you will see that the options are very few and you have to manage them accordingly.

The most popular payment gateways

If you talk about one of the first payment gateways, VCS is one of them and you can easily integrate it with your website. The best thing about these payment gateways is simplicity and convenience. It is very simple and secure and the user can use it easily. All you have to do is to fill in your credit card details and it’s done. There are no hurdles whatsoever and the whole process is so smooth. The best thing about VCS payment gateway in South Africa is, you can easily customize the interface by adding your logo. This is the best thing because it builds trust among your clients and you will easily meet your business goals.

The perks of using secure payment gateways

Another plus when you are using secure payment gateways is that they offer recurring credit card payments. Among the most popular payment gateways in South AfricaSetcom is at the top slot. It is a payment gateway that is based on PayPal payment. Before using it, the customer needs to create an account on Setcom to make payments. This payment gateway is being used widely in Africa because of its convenience. If you are a business owner, you will face issues because people are a bit lazy and it’s not easy for everyone to first make an account and then pay for the purchase.

Things to look for in a payment gateway

You must make sure that the payment gateway should be on your side. In Setcom, it is always on the customer’s side and if any of the issues occur, the Setcom will just refund the money to the customer and sometimes without even asking the provider. This is the main reason due to which owners don’t quite recommend it. But if you are a new business owner and looking for cheap payment gateways in South Africa, it is the best of all. It is no doubt a quick and easy way to accept payments. Another plus of these services is that there is no fee associated with this payment gateway. You can easily use it as per desire for your customers.

Other payment gateways

If you are looking for payment gateways in South Africa that are providing a debit order facility, NetCash is the most favorite among all. This gateway helps with cash flow if you have good monthly clients. It provides you with a secure interface where you can easily add the client’s banking details. When you are selecting the right payment gateway for your business, you need to give preference to the popular payment gateways. The main reason is to gain the customer’s trust because the customer only put their trust in renowned services. They never take a risk with any of the new gateways until it is established.

PayPal in South Africa

There was a time when the South Africans can only use PayPal to get anything from the outside world but now the time has changed. The reason people are putting their trust in their services is the image. PayPal provides the best support to the clients due to which it is extremely popular all over the world. Nowadays, there are a lot of other secure payment gateways in South Africa that you can select as per requirement.