The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is one of the largest markets with significant purchasing power and in 2020 the volume of Saudi imports exceeded 20 billion dollars, Saudi Arabia has a strong economy and the Kingdom is moving towards dependence on the non-oil economy through its vision 2030.

The Kingdom gives great attention to controlling and controlling imported products from abroad to ensure the quality and safety of products. Therefore, any source to the Kingdom must familiarize yourself with the requirements and requirements of the Saudi Organization for Standardization, Metrology and Quality and the requirements of the Saudi Customs Authority so that it can meet these requirements and ensure that products enter the Saudi market without any Obstacles or exposure to penalties and fines for exporting poor and poor quality products.

Export to Saudi Arabia

If you are willing to export to Saudi Arabia, you should be aware about the requirements applied by Saudi Arabia government regarding the conformity program to assure the quality, safety and performance of products, these requirements was established by SASO organization to control the markets of Saudi Arabia and prevent the entering of low quality products that are not comply with the requirements, for these reason Saudi SASO launch product safety program (SALEEM) and saber certification requirements.

SASO CoC Certificates

In 2019, the Saudi Standards, Metrology and Quality Organization (SASO) launched an electronic platform known as SABER, which aims to facilitate the process of issuing SASO CoC conformity certificates according to the type of products and their use. It identified some products that need to issue a certificate of conformity to the Product Certificate of Conformity by a third party

SASO COC Conformity certificates are issued online through the Saber platform for all products subject to registration, and the products are registered in the Saber platform through the registration of product data required to be exported to Saudi Arabia, and the determination of the correct customs code for the products, which is based on determining whether the product is subject to one of the technical regulations or not.

Some products need to issue a declaration of conformity by the importer, while other products need to issue a certificate of conformity from a third party body that decides if the product comply to relevant specifications and technical regulations or not.

How imported and exporter register at saber and export product to Saudi Arabia?

  1. First of all, before you will start to import to Saudi Arabia or export to Saudi Arabia you should get some details about product such as technical data sheet, material safety data sheet of the products, usually this document and information are provided by the manufacturers
  2. Also you should have more information about how these material could be shipped and packaging, because might you need to shipping a sample for testing at the accredited labs.
  3. Collect all certificates related to the organization or the products such as ISO 9001 certificate, CE mark or IECEE certificate
  4. Define the HS Code of the products that applied, if you are not able to determine the HS Code you can contact Export 2 gulf they are expert in this filed
  5. After that contact your consultant to determine thy conformity model for your product
  6. Studying the technical regulation and technical standards to determine which tests should be done for the product
  7. Contact the accredited lab for the testing, Export to gulf expert could help you in this, they have a wide network of accredited laboratories.

SASO IECEE Certificate

For goods imported to Saudi Arabia, SASO ask shippers/exporters to provide a SASO IECEE certification which is required for some critical products, initially you should give a test report and IECEE authentication structure from certified IECEE accreditation body, and then issue SASO IECEE certification to clear your goods at custom.

If you are exported food or cosmetics products, it should be registered with SFDA authority which applicable to all type of food products, the requirements of SFDA is published through their website on the internet. is one of the specialized experts in the field of import & export from / to (Egypt, Saudi Arabia, China, United Arab of emirates, Europe union ….etc) from anywhere around the world.