Bathroom renovations can be costly. However, the old cliché that bathrooms and kitchens sell houses also holds some truth. Experts usually advise keeping bathroom renovations basic. Choose bathroom fixtures and taps from Singapore stores that are of good quality. It ensures your bathroom will stay classic and timeless. It ensures that you will not get tired of it, and it will endure a long time.

Top Tips for Styling Your Bathroom

You may think that having a clean blank canvas is dull. However, it is a perfect backdrop for some unique bathroom decor and accessories in your Singapore home. It also allows you to add some personality to the bathroom and make it look more modern and appealing. The best thing is updating the look at a low cost and minimum downtime.

The following are five tips that will let you take advantage of the blank canvas, your bathroom.

#1 Colour and Texture

Tiling a bathroom may be costly. For this reason, most homeowners prefer to use tiles just in the wet areas and have plastered walls that you can paint on all others. The toilet bowl or accessories you use are not the only things that can give your bathroom its personality.

You may incorporate colour in the form of paint to the walls by keeping the floor and wall tiles extremely neutral. The right bathroom accessories in your Singapore home can add colour and individuality to your space. If your bathroom is spacious, you might want to consider adding a rug. Depending on your aesthetic, this might be colourful or neutral, but the texture is significant.

#2 Layer Your Lights

A proper lighting arrangement helps the entire house, but it is especially imperative in the bathroom. Both sides of a bathroom vanity or over your wash basins in your Singapore home should have wall lights situated at eye level.

A layer of pendant lights may look magnificent and is a great way to create a design statement for a small cost. LED strip lighting beneath a wall-hung vanity is a fantastic choice since it can be left on at night and provide just enough light to see.

#3 Freestanding Furniture

A bathroom with independent furnishings would be an excellent idea. Look for an antique armoire for towels or a cabinet for storing bathroom accessories for your Singapore home. These elements are functional, but they are also an ideal method to give personality to the bathroom.

Keep the ground and walls plain, and then decorate the room like any other in the house. You may also add a chair ideal for a bathroom setting if the area is large enough.

#4 Accessories

Enjoy shopping for bathroom accessories at Singapore retail stores since there are many ideal options. Select from the many accessories available to modify the aesthetics, regardless of your style.

Here, you should follow the philosophy of keeping things simple, embellishing, and taking one item away at the end. Ensure the tray, bowl, or dish you use serves a purpose and that your style vignette is too cluttered. You can also try a statement mirror that will assist in defining the design of your bathroom.

The bathroom accessories you bought at the Singapore store are not the only items that can add colour or texture. Look for a fundamental stool that can add texture to the space while also providing storage.

#5 Using Greenery

Plants are the perfect complement to any room. It can help you keep the condensation in your bathroom minimal as it livens the space. Carefully choose low maintenance plants that can thrive in low light environments.


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Bathroom Styling and Decorating Ideas

An excellent design does not have to come at a high price. Most cannot afford to buy a clawfoot tub or that touchless faucet of their dreams. However, it does not mean you cannot give your bathrooms a dramatic makeover.

There are many affordable and trendy bathroom design tips and hacks for fresh, contemporary interiors more accessible. These bathroom decoration ideas can give you a high-quality appearance and refresh you are searching for at an affordable price.

#1 Brass Accents

One affordable way to make your bathroom look timeless and elegant is through brass. Use brass bathroom fixtures and taps in your Singapore home. These are affordable cosmetic upgrades.

#2 Ladder Leaning on the Wall

One of the best bathroom accessories in Singapore stores for your bathroom is a ladder. It not only provides your bathroom character, but it is also an efficient way to add storage to your space.

#3 Pay Attention to Details

Even the slightest curve in your toilet bowl and accessories can make your bathroom look off-balanced. It is also best to consider how you will present your pharmacy items like soaps, q tips, etc.

#4 Porcelain vs Ceramic

There is no doubt that porcelain is a much more expensive option. There are many ceramic toilets and wash basins in a Singapore home improvement store. A variety of styles is also available for your selection.

#5 Accessorise

Faucets can also be your best accessories. Select bathroom taps you buy from Singapore stores with distinct curves and styles. Sometimes, it is best to keep your design elements to a minimum.

Of course, base all your selections on the look you want to achieve. Have fun with your choices but also thoroughly think it through. Select pieces that you will not get tired of or regret in the long run. It will ensure that your expenditure will be at a minimum.

Choose Only the Best Bathroom Fixtures

There is nothing wrong with using various brands in your space. However, it is best to choose a brand you can trust. It ensures you get the best quality products for your home.

TOTO is a well-known toilet bowl brand in Singapore and across the world. They have a wide range of washbasins, toilet bowls, faucets, and bathroom fixtures to suit any home. Rainshower heads and touchless faucet selections are also available from TOTO retail outlets. Visit a local home improvement retailer or TOTO’s website to learn more about their product possibilities.