The internet has provided many benefits since its conception and one of these is the freedom that it provides to freelancers. In years gone by people were limited to 9-5 jobs or working within the confines of their own country. Thanks to the internet, however, the popularity of freelancing has soared. 

People are now able to take their work with them wherever they go. Many actually travel the world while working as they do it thanks to a laptop and the internet. Freelancers can earn very good money but enjoy a low cost of living in other countries to maximize what they are earning.

While this is obviously great for the plethora of freelancers out there, some still overlook the security risks that they are taking with their chosen lifestyle. Freelancers do not have an IT looking after their security in the same way that an office back home might have.

For that reason, they really should be looking to protect themselves by whatever means possible. One great and affordable way is to use a VPN.

What Exactly is a VPN?

In simple terms, a VPN is a private, encrypted and highly secure network that your laptop can connect to. You laptop then assumes the identity of the computer server that you have selected on that network. This allows you to surf the internet in complete privacy and without any restrictions. 

Because your identity and location are unknown to all other identities online, there is very little chance of ever being hacked or your internet activity being discovered.

Why Freelancers Should Consider a VPN?

A VPN is an excellent tool for any freelancer that is looking for improved online security and the freedom to do whatever they need on the internet.

  1. Due to being encrypted, all of the data that a freelancer sends across the internet is far more secure. Additionally, this anonymity allows freelancers to work knowing that surveillance agencies have no way to peek at what they are doing.
  2. Freelancers often work abroad in other countries and this means utilizing the public WiFi hotspots found in cafes or coffee shops. These hotspots are usually unsecured and offer little protection from hackers. A VPN anslutning will provide this much needed increased security.
  3. Makes it impossible for these hackers to get at their data.
  4. Many VPNs offer their customers dedicated IP addresses. With these, a freelancer can restrict access to this IP address on things like cloud storage.
  5. Many foreign countries like to spy on what their citizens are doing online. A VPN will keep all activity performed online completely private.
  6. VPNs also give freelancers the ability to bypass geo-restricted content. This could be streaming content from their home country that they like to enjoy even when abroad.

Final Word

If you are a freelancer or seriously thinking of being one, a VPN can make a massive difference in your life. You will no longer have any restrictions to worry about, will be able to surf with freedom, and will have that added security whenever you go away on your travels. The best part is, a vad betyder VPN doesn’t even cost much each month!