Gold jewellery comes with distinguishing marks that endorse its quality. When you sell gold jewellery Brisbane it is important to check for the marks that prove its authenticity. Goldsmiths and jewellers inscribe their creations with a distinguishing mark. This has been done throughout the ages. Markings are found on items made from precious metals such as gold, silver and platinum. These markings may be small but they have a big impact on the value of the item

Marking jewellery wasn’t always a universal thing and to some degree it still isn’t. The practice of hallmarking gold Jewellery with identifying makers dates back to 14th century Victorian Britain. In the 1400s, Britain issued a decree for the hallmarking of precious metal jewellery. Gold jewellery producers were required to put a date and a letter indicating the registration date. The French started hallmarking their own jewellery in the thirteenth century ahead of virtually every other country. Needless to say, hallmarking gold jewellery has been a standard practice for some time. In some countries, hallmarking is stressed by tight guidelines enforceable by law. In other countries the rules set by the jewellery industry are lax or non-existent. In Australia, jewellery hallmarking is very important so you should learn as much as you can about it especially if you are about to sell gold jewellery in Brisbane or any other city and town in Australia.

Jewellery Manufacturer’s Marks

Most Jewellery makers have their own designated marks. These marks are registered as part of a particular jewellery maker’s brand. Because these marks are unique, they help in verifying or recognising a particular brand, authenticating and tracing if necessary. It’s a quality control feature in that a jeweller’s marker cannot be copied or replicated with some other content.

Jewellery Identification Marks

Jewellery markers do more than identify the jeweller but the place and time a particular piece was created. Other things that can be represented is the technique used to make the piece of jewellery. When you are looking to sell gold jewellery Brisbane, such markers would matter to a jeweller more than they would matter to a hold buyer who is simply interested in the gold content. This does not mean that a scrap gold buyer would not look at your jewellery’s hallmarks if there are any or that you should not bother to find such hallmarks on your own. Hallmarks help you work out what your jewellery is worth.

Marks on Gold Jewellery

The most important inscriptions or marks that you will find on gold jewellery depict the karat content of things jewellery piece. An 18k piece of jewellery would have 750 inscribed, 14 k jewellery would have 585 inscribed whilst 10k would bear the 417 inscription.

When you sell gold jewellery Brisbane, the buyer might do additional tests on the metal to verify that the quality is indeed what the hallmark says it is.

Knowing the quality your gold can help you estimate the amount of money you can expect from the sale of your gold jewellery. Having information about jewellery hallmarks will also help you determining getting the best price.