Whenever an inspection time and contract negotiations begin due, diligence starts. It’s critical to specify when your feasibility duration will begin and end in the Purchase and Sale contract. It is the amount of time specified in the contract to verify the details provided by the seller. The following investor’s property contract review shows every detail of effective timing of a real estate research:

1.     Have enough time to complete the entire information gathering

You must give yourself enough time to compile all of the necessary data. After receiving all papers, you should have at least 30 days to review them. The contract must also state the period the dealer has to deliver these documents to you. Doctors Investors suggests giving the vendor not more than five days to deliver the required documents to you.

2.     Timing parameters must be specified on the contract

The timing conditions for receiving the documents you receive for analysis are carefully spelt out. It should be stated in the Sales agreement at all times. Before the Purchase and Sale contract’s shared acceptance is reached, the seller must know what you will be looking for during contract negotiations.

3.     Impacts dealing with the list before contract approval

Through dealing with this list previous to contract approval, you will avoid wasting your inspection time by resolving any disagreements. The feasibility cycle can be used for due diligence because if you negotiate which documents you should check, your time will quickly run out. You allow the seller to plan and begin collecting the necessary documents by telling them of the documents you need for review. It ensures that you won’t have any problems accessing whatever you need and that you’ll get the documents you need in a reasonable time.

4.     Consider the time when negotiating for commercial property

When it comes to negotiating for a commercial property, the most important factor is time. Allow 30 days at the very least, but still, ask for more than that. Since time is essential, start your quest when you are preparing to deliver a Letter of Intent (LOI). From the time a Letter of Intent is sent to the time a formal Contract is signed, it takes about two weeks. Start your property facts check as soon as you’re fairly confident the seller will consent to the Contract.


This list of “Important Dates” is crucial to both you and the seller. If the property contract review does not give you this list, you may request it. Use the Critical Dates List to plan your Due-Diligence activities. It will encourage you to renegotiate terms or a property’s selling price. Please ensure your Due Diligence is completed before the contract’s end-of-period deadline; this will give you time to re-negotiate or retrade.