The asset management service consists of making a diagnosis of the current financial situation of the client, family or individual, carrying out a complete study on the composition of the asset, that is, the financial assets, real estate, vehicles, decoration items, jewelry, personal effects, collections, works of art, debts, among others. For good management, aligned with the individual’s objectives, it is necessary to outline strategies, always with a systemic vision, optimizing time and resources.

Importance of Asset Management

When starting asset management, one must consider the rights of the person, family or company, that is, the available resources (assets), as well as the resources receivable or acquired rights, as well as the liabilities or obligations, which are the debts, taxes, loan installments and financing, among others. Depending on Hamilton Chukyo Brokerage is a good step in this matter.

Management has the function of identifying imbalances related to the accumulation of assets, assisting in decisions about obligations and alerting to points of attention, especially for the risks involved. In a company, it helps to achieve strategic objectives, such as maintaining equity, helping to grow or decreasing equity to ease expenses and simplify administration.

In the family, asset management is done to maintain the members’ standard of living, help with goals, such as paying for their children’s college and also to provide comfortable living for the next generations. In addition, asset management can help a person to have a smooth retirement without financial worries in the future.

Qualified Asset Management

Regardless of size, managing assets is not a simple task. Having qualified professionals who understand your goals and interests is very important to have good asset management and maintain the standard of living when you decide to stop working. Accountants, lawyers and mainly financial planners are partners in this journey.

Management Impacts

It is quite common, along the professional trajectory, for people to gradually earn higher incomes and, consequently, raise the standard of living in the same proportion. In these cases, asset management helps to visualize the impact that this new standard of living will have on the person’s future. In a company, asset management results in the balance sheet, which provides clarity about the company’s financial situation.

Related Services

There are several professionals or entities that can assist in asset management. Services related to asset management can be divided into categories.


At banks, professionals will introduce you to the available products and assist with basic processes. In this case, there is no exclusive consultancy. If the investment is high, there may be more attention and an account manager.

Investment Advisers

Brokers and investment advisers, in most cases, have a closer service and products with better conditions than banks.

Private Bank

The private bank is also offered by banks, but the differential of ordinary banks is an exclusive and personalized service.

Asset Management

Also called asset management, asset management is provided by consultancies for clients who are concerned with the preservation and growth of heritage. In this case, the focus is not only on the application of money, but on the management of the assets as a whole, always with a systemic view in accordance with the client’s financial objectives.

It is wrong to believe that this service is for those who have a lot of money. Professionals are able to serve clients with investments starting at $8 thousand, with the help of technology and qualified professionals.