Actively maintaining your washing machine helps in diminishing breakdowns and exorbitant water damage.

Your garments washer offers your family heaps of help. Occasionally set aside time for maintenance, it will keep serving you well. Regular maintenance of your washing machine can assist you to stay off breakdowns that could put the apparatus down and out (or more awful, lead to spills).

Read on to understand effective ways to maintain this useful tool.

How to Maintain Your Washing Machine ?

As the maintenance of the washing machine is paramount for effective performance, there are ways to keep this short and simple. Below are seven tips for you.

  • Keep the rubber gasket clean

The rubber gasket ensures a ton of mileage. More so, the rubber gasket shields your garments from any damage. This piece also protects your hands from any sharp edges. This part also easily attracts dust, whether you use a front-load or a top-load machine. Always clean this gasket.

  • Shield it from spillage

As most washing machines assemble deposits from detergent spillage, you need to always protect it. Despite your endeavors to utilize the best detergent or conditioners, their buildup becomes tacky over the long haul. This in return can create a horrible smell.

The most ideal way to clean this tacky buildup is to wipe it with a gentle cleanser for dishes.

  • Continue to examine the hoses

To ensure that water in your washing machine flows smoothly (inwards and outwards), you should watch out for the hoses. Both self-loader and programmed clothes washers often have three hoses. Two of them are inlets and one is an outlet. Ensure that the channels are well connected associated with the water source. There shouldn’t be any break or hole. This will also forestall the wastage of water.

  • Use the right detergent

Your decision on the type of detergent you’ll use will often depend on your budget as well as your washing needs. Certain individuals like to use machine-explicit cleansers while others utilize traditional cleansers. Don’t use detergents that have too much alkaline. Your washing or clothing may get damaged if you use such detergents.

  • Don’t overload it

Loading an excessive amount of clothes at a go is not a good idea if you want your washing machine to last long.

Over-burdening comes down on your machine and results in over warming. However, washing a substantial load requires you to use the heavy load wash option of the machine.

  • Keep the interiors clean

Luckily, your washing machine can easily clean your garments. But sadly, it can’t do that for itself – that is, clean itself. If your machine has a removable build-up filter, simply segregate it and eliminate the amassed build-up from your garments. You can now append it back. Also, understand that lint may obstruct the water pipes. This may result in improper washing. Always keep the interiors clean.

  • Don’t neglect the dryer

In case you own a complete automatic washing machine, you will probably be dealing with an in-built dryer. Take care of this dryer.

After each cycle, you can eliminate the lint from the dryer. This is an essential practice as the lint can clog up around the filter. It may cause restriction of airflow on your washing machine. That’s what causes the dryer to overheat. Please note that overheating may shrink your fragile clothes.


Taking care of your washing machine can only make your laundry easier and faster. The tips above will help with the thorough maintenance of your machine. Finally, get an expert to replace your washing machine parts if any is faulty.