Exchanges are simply places that you can be able to buy or be able to sell through the use of digital money such as bitcoins. For those who prefer professional trading, you will always need to use an exchange that will need you to verify your ID to open an account. There are many types of exchanges that you can always choose to do trade. Here are some of them

The direct trading

The first kind of transaction that you can be able to do in your crypto trading platform is the direct trading. This is a kind of trading that allows people from different countries to be able to trade by exchanging currencies. In the end, one can gain by earning thebitcoin profit. The direct trade is peer to peer and it doesn’t have a fixed market price. It is a platform that allows everyone to send their different exchange rates.


Another kind of trade is the broker exchange. In this type of exchange, anyone can visit the website or the exchange platform and buy bitcoins with a price that is always set by the brokers. Cryptocurrency brokers are almost similar to the foreign exchange dealers.

Trading platform

The trading platform is the website that always connects the buyers and the sellers. You can use the trading platform to make all your transactions but each transaction is always completed at a fee. Before you join any trading platform, you should always make sure that it is legitimate, secure and can be trusted. When you find the best platform, all you can think of is the bitcoin profit.


There is a different cryptocurrency exchange that you can utilize but always make sure that you are making safe transactions.