As the word indicates, conference is a group convention. Here, it indicates a conversation by several people at the same time. There are two types of conference calls; one in which where all participants can engage in discussion simultaneously and the other where one party calls in and speaks while the others are simply engaged in listening. The latter is mostly used in presentations for big companies.

They can either contact one person or be directly connected to a whole taskforce.

These companies usually provide a specialized number or PIN code for the participants and the call can be customized to your liking. For example, you could either mute a certain participant or a group of them; you can contact any person at any given time and introduce them to a virtual meeting. You can also choose between audio or video calls.

“The different varieties of conference calls”

  1. Premium conferencing

These calls are rated in advance and here, the participant can make calls across the country for various purposes such as education, law or medicine to ask any form of query.

  1. Free conference calling

These calls are completely free of cost, the price is the same as any other call without any additional charges. You can still reach out to multiple phone participants but the payment is remunerated unanimously by the phone company and the business enterprise involved.

There are three components, namely the transportation of the call, where it originated and the termination that gets included in the fee, same as all calls.

  1. Business calls

Businesses have a multitude of reasons that require the pooling of multiple individuals such as group meeting, presentations, project pitching, sales presentation, training sessions etc. that quite literally, calls for conference calls! This will naturally set the stage of a virtual office, allowing people to work in an unconventional situation.