Did you know 61% of consumers are ready to pay an extra charge to get their purchased product delivered on the same day of order? And there is nothing to be surprised about. That’s how our planet works – the faster you are, the better you are.

The field of eCommerce is expanding, and today’s customers appreciate nothing more than fast delivery. That’s why express delivery has become very crucial for any eCommerce site.

You should know more about express shipping and apps like Porter and how it helps an eCommerce business gain optimum revenue and thousands of happy customers. Let us get you the complete rundown about the fast delivery.

What is express delivery?

Well, It is the fastest way to deliver a parcel. Most of the time, express packages are carried away by airplanes. That’s why express shipping is a bit costlier than any other courier delivery. However, the packets reach the receiver within 24-72 hours. 

On the other hand, standard shipping vehicles take longer to get your parcel from the sender to the recipient. The best part of express shipping is it ensures a delivery guarantee. You can request a refund if your package arrives late.

For merchants, express shipping is the best choice to maintain their time-sensitive deliveries and keep their customers happy.

Here are circumstances in which you could provide express shipping to your customers:

  • When you are delivering a high-value product
  • Compensating customers if the initial shipment was stolen, damaged, or lost.
  • Thanking the purchaser for buying items that cost more than a certain amount

Benefits of express delivery:

Competency: If an online delivery takes much time, it will undoubtedly be a reason for stress for the consumer. The less time you take to reach the ordered item, the more orders you will get for your eCommerce business. If your site shows a fast delivery time, fewer people will abandon their shopping carts and more likely return. It will make your business more likely to last in the competition.

Brand loyalty: Brand loyalty is directly related to delivering services or products on time, reliably, and securely. For standard online delivery, the senders rent a pickup truck that takes much time to give the parcel. In contrast, express delivery includes sending packages via airplane with the help of a well-established logistics infrastructure and a trustworthy delivery partner. As a result, the product reaches the buyer at a rapid pace.

Parcels get delivered safely: The most crucial feature of express shipping service is product security. The drivers undergo extensive training to ensure that all goods are delivered safely and on schedule. It will prevent spending your money and time on various unnecessary purposes. 

Customer satisfaction: Customers appreciate express delivery since it eliminates the long waiting periods for their parcels to arrive. Assume you can deliver packages to your customers as fast as possible, along with providing other services such as free returns, an effortless shopping experience, and 24×7 assistance. These attributes will make your customers happy, and they will get back to you soon for their next purchase.