Ready to marathon the series of precautions you should take to choose the ideal video production company to partner with your company in this endeavor? So, let’s go!

1 – Evaluate The Video Production Company’s Portfolio

To analyze the production company’s such as gillespie productions for example capabilities, visit its online portfolio and search for cases developed for other clients.

From this, evaluate the quality of what was produced; whether the client portfolio is made up of strong brands; if the videos produced are in different formats and languages; the degree of creativity and innovation of productions, and so on, if there is at least one video similar to what your company wants to produce, even better to have a base.

2 – Find Out About The Solidity Of The Video Production Company

After seeing the portfolio and knowing who the company’s customers are, it’s time to assess its solidity, experience, and reliability. If possible, seek the opinion of those who have already used your services. In addition, list everything possible: the website, the presentation of the portfolio, the transparency and clarity of the proposal, the technology it offers, the place where it is based, the professionals who are part of the team, the equipment, and among other requirements.

Of course, none of this can assure you that you will count on on-time delivery and an excellent result, but it is already a step towards not getting into a leaky boat.

3 – Ask For More Than One Proposal And Compare Them Before Deciding

After the “sieve” phase has passed, you have already discarded the producers that did not impress you, compare the proposals of those who are still vying for the spot of the best producer for your company. The differences that may exist usually happen for two reasons: the producers have different working methods or the services are similar, but the quality levels are not.

In the first case, there may have been some noise in the communication: one understood that the video would be produced for social networks, while the other thought it was sales material. A good briefing is essential; a term often used that means your request, the way you explained what you needed, and could be a good subject for our next post.

At that time, the best strategy is to open the game: show each one the competitor’s proposal. Be direct and ask for a review of what was requested. And ask what they think. If there has been a misunderstanding, ask the producer who made a mistake for a new quote.

To assess the quality of both, we will again use the analogy of the house. You are between two structurally the same options, so what will weigh in your decision are the location, finishes, footage, rooms distribution, etc. With producers, it’s the same thing.

Evaluate the features of each and don’t just make a price comparison. Saving at this time can turn into a bad deal if the quality of delivery is poor.

4 – Ask For The Production Schedule

Having the work schedule in hand is essential to assess the degree of professionalism and organization of the producer, whether the delivery of the video within the agreed time frame is feasible, and last but not least, monitor the project’s progress. Remember: if you have doubts, don’t think twice: but ask!

5 – Consider Relationship Satisfaction

The production of a video is usually time-consuming, and you don’t want to risk having to relate to people you don’t like. So yes, know in advance who (or are) this person(s) you should be in contact with to ensure that there is good interaction between you. So, did you see what you needed to know here? Now, it’s time to consider everything to be ready to hire the production company that will make precisely the video you expect for your company.