Have you ever tried moving out of your place by yourself? Just imagine the amount of work you need to pack all of your clothes, dismantle your furniture, and clean your appliances, such as the refrigerator and oven, before keeping them in the box. Thankfully, there are house and office movers in Singapore that can help you with your stuff.

Firstly, they have the right equipment to pack, load, and move your stuff. Secondly, your relocation service in Singapore has the right truck that can transport all your belongings in just one trip. And lastly, they have a crew who are strong enough who can carry your stuff and knowledgeable enough to know how to handle different things, from furniture to electronics, without breaking them.

However, there is still a slim chance that your belongings may get damaged and stolen during the entire process of moving. Here are the things you need to do when it happens.

What You Should Do When Your House Movers Damage Or Steal Your Belongings

People worry about their things getting damaged and stolen when they let house movers in Singapore, who are strangers, handle their stuff. But you can have peace of mind if you pick a reliable and credible moving company in Singapore.

But just in case it happens, here are the steps you need to take:

Inspect your belongings

Once your stuff has been unloaded, the first thing is to inspect your belongings. Having a list of your belongings is an easy way to determine if something is missing.

Inspect your furniture for any dents and scratches. Check your appliances for any signs of damages as well. Ensure the fragile stuff, like appliances and electronics, glassware, chinas, and mirrors, are not broken.

Apart from your items, your house movers in Singapore may have damaged your property as well, especially the floor and doors.

Remember, never confirm your house and office movers in Singapore that all your items have been unloaded and safely and intact before inspecting them. It can refute damage claims later on.

Document the damages

If you have noticed damages on your stuff, make sure to document them as soon as possible. You can take photographs of your furniture and other items, making sure to include the damaged parts.

If something is missing, for example, the leg of your dining table, you can also take a photograph of it.

You can authenticate the photo by including the time and date stamp on your camera. It makes the evidence more credible and reliable. Make a portfolio of all the photographs before asking for claims from your moving company in Singapore.

Revisit your contract

Your contract contains the liabilities of yourrelocation service in Singapore in case of damaged and stolen items. Most companies offer insurance to your belongings as well.

Your company can reimburse the damage cost or replace the broken or stolen item, depending on the contract.

File claims as soon as possible

Make a portfolio of the photographs or the evidence and a copy of your contract to your moving company in Singaporeand third-party insurance company and file for damage claims.

It will be helpful to be detailed with your damage claim report and include supporting documents, such as proof of purchase of the item that has been broken. That way, the estimation of damage and reimbursement is less burdensome.

Keep all the broken pieces of your damaged items, such as shards of your mirror and dinner table, with a missing leg. Expect your relocation service in Singapore to stay in contact with you and even send a representative for damage assessment.

Be persistent

Be persistent if your house movers in Singapore fail to get back to you after filing a damage claim. Remember, moving companies are also dealing with other claims, not just yours. Make sure to make a follow up from time to time.

However, if your moving company in Singapore is refusing to cooperate with you, you can file a formal complaint with the authority and responsible governing body.

Make sure to collect all the documents needed, such as your claim reports. Hopefully, your moving company will finally cooperate with the intervention of the authority.

Leave a review

Your feedback is valuable for future clients of therelocation service in Singapore. Remember, be honest with your review. Tell other clients if the movers had addressed and settled the issues quickly and fairly.

You can also tell them if the moving company has poor customer service and has been unresponsive while dealing with the issue. Your feedback will inform other clients and help the moving company in Singapore to improve their pitfalls.

It is frustrating to undergo such a tedious process like this. But you can prevent this from happening using these five tips.



4 Tips For Preventing Damages On Your Belongings While Moving

Look for a reputable moving company in Singapore.

Reputablerelocation service in Singapore uses proper gear and equipment when handling and moving your stuff to make sure they are all secure during the entire process. They also value customer service by addressing all their client’s concerns as soon as possible.

Pack your belongings properly.

Make sure all your fragile items are covered with newspapers and bubble wrap for added protection. If the box is too big for items, fill the space with styrofoam, folded shirt, or crumpled paper to prevent the stuff from shaking and rattling inside the box.

Brief and give your movers a walkthrough.

It is better to inform thehouse movers in Singapore what items they should be more careful of. Walk them through your property to point out the areas that are prone to accidents, like an oddly positioned step, pothole, or jutting door latch.

Handle your valuable items.

Move your valuable items, such as gadgets, electronics, and other prized possession yourself if it makes you more comfortable and secure.


Prevention is better than cure; this proverb also applies to moving. Prevention is better than filing damaged claims for your belongings. The key is finding a reliable house and office movers in Singapore.

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