Foreign investors are attracted to Hong Kong company registry usually because of the following advantages of HK.

Incorporated in HK already gives a business a presence to the gateway to China and South East Asia Regions.

Businesses can have access to low corporate and individual taxes, and can have simple tax and accounting requirements.

Incorporating a local HK company is fast and easy.

A HK registered company can take full advantage of the western legal system, annual tax audits, world class infrastructure and communication facilities.

The business owners can make use of the highly efficient and mature business banking.

Companies registered in Hong Kong allow the use of virtual office addresses (in HK) so the owners/founders are not required to live there.

Flow of capital and information are never restricted, and business can be registered for as low as HK$10,000 capital.

In terms of international commute, it is the location of an international aviation hub (i.e. Hong Kong International Airport or HKIA) with flights to and from all over the world, with at least 190 destinations worldwide, including a minimum of 39 connecting flights to Mainland China.

Besides the international airport, HK has a Hong Kong–Zhuhai–Macao Bridge that connects Hong Kong, Macao, and Mainland China, and an Express railway that goes directly into Shenzhen and/or Guangzhou from Kowloon.

Hong Kong has two universities in the world top 50 and five universities in the world top 200 according to Times Higher Education World University Rankings in recent years. This lets business owners believe hiring and working with local people/staffs would give them peace of mind.

The local residents are multi-lingual where they would speak English, Cantonese, and Mandarin. English is the main language that is widely used almost everywhere in the entire world. Mandarin is the core language to do business with Mainland China companies.

It is always a good starting point when you have decided to set up your business in Mainland China.In this case, usuallythe Hong Kong Companywould be essential and the frontier or interface. Also because the Hong Kong Company may be registered as a limited liability company, it is attractive for investors as it providesthe security for Chinese investments when it can beused as the investment holder.

However, the Hong Kong Company you are to register must have at least one director who may be a foreigner. It is required to have at least one company secretary who is a Hong Kong national or a local entity.