Office space or workspaces are terms that are quite commonly used nowadays and they refer to highly customizable spaces, available for rent, that provide specialized work environment and support it’s occupants in performing their jobs. Office spaces have become more mainstream over the years as freelancers and remote workers now represent a large percentile of the workforce but this does not imply that office spaces solely target freelancers and remote workers because even though office spaces started out asa business model aimed at freelancers and small startups, it has grown to accommodate a wider range of careers and now itspans across all types of industries such as artists, writers, doctors etc.

These office spaces come with fewer responsibilities, the occupants do not need to worry about cleaning and maintenance are taken care of by the building or space owners. Secondly these spaces allow smaller commitments, as leases tend to cover long periods of time that can last from a year to a decade where as such spaces offer flexibility such as they may charge a monthly fee for regular access to the building and may charge premium fees for accommodation and utilities. Some spaces charge hourly, daily, weekly and monthly rentals giving flexibility to commitments. Office spaces are also located at primal locations such a commercial area with easy access to restaurants and entertainment.Some office spaces also offer size upgrade so as your business progresses you can upscale and customize the space according to your wishes.

With thejoint workspace industry accommodating a large variety of jobs, the spaces provide flexible and customizable space, built-in community and networking opportunity, an example of one such space is Lina and co that operate as a doctor’s office space companyin New York that provides workspace solution for independent medical practitioners. Office spaces at Lina come with a fully certified staff that manages your business for you. The staff helps withpatient intakes and payment processes. Doctor’s office spaces provided by Lina and co are all HIPAA and OISHA compliant and come with high-speed WiFi, printing, copying, scanning, faxing and shipping facilities.

Lina is also an example of the emerging trend of doctors opening their own private practices through such shared workspaces because traditionally the massive upfront cost of opening a private medical space involved having a front desk, procedure rooms with appropriate medical equipments, storage facility, waiting rooms and an office for the physician and yet all of this is still the tip of the ice berg as additional costs involve modifying the space, hiring required staffs and periodical renovations which all add up to a massive amount, such that shared medical spaces also called doctor’s office space do not require such massive upfront investments because such spaces offer facilities that cater to a variety of medical practitioners.

Shared office spaces let youwork comfortably since they provide well run environment that comes with accommodating staff, a collaborative atmosphere for independent workers provided at reduced occupancy costs. These spaces help you avoid fixed long term leases, enhance collaboration and save your time as well as money.