Security is one of the most crucial spheres of daily life, and getting a modern security system in place, such as a digital door lock in Singapore, ensures that it protects your property at all times. Modern or digital door locks may add convenience and flexibility to a house, especially now that innovative home technology delivers significant genuine benefits in speed and effectiveness.

With various capabilities and user-friendliness, an electronic door lock in Singapore can give several advantages, ranging from remote unlocking to voice commands. Knowing where to begin shopping can be challenging because of the many smart or digital locks on the market. It is possible to make a mistake when selecting a lock.

While intelligent locks will not automatically make your home safer, they will allow you to have greater efficiency in operations on your property.

Key Features of Door Locks


A digital door lock in Singapore is equipped with an easy-to-use push-and-pull handle, making operating the locks simple. You no longer need to carry tons of keys with you or search your bag countless times to find it.

In addition, it provides multiple ways to access the lock, such as using a passcode, card readers, or biometrics. You will only need your phone to enter your house, and some even feature typing numbers, and you’ll be automatically inside your home.

Control guest

You will know who can only enter your house as they would need to be registered. You can monitor the people you have allowed to go in and out.

You can provide digital keys or PINs to anyone who requires it. As a result, there is no need to have extras made for children, workers, or caregivers. And you can revoke any access at any time, automatically.


When it comes to sharing a digital key to an electronic door lock in Singapore with family or friends, a few simple swipes on the cellphone screen are all that’s required.

According to the manufacturer, most digital locks can accommodate as many as 100 biometrics in a small company environment. Furthermore, digital locks can store a large number of pins and cards in their memory.

You can continue chilling at any part of your house without the need to walk on your door. It also automatically closes and locks by itself. Moreover, if a troubleshooting error occurs, digital locks provide the ability to override certain functions.

Alarms danger

Touch screen keypads and other fascinating features such as welcoming functionality and assistance for invasion or break-in alarms are available on digital locks. The majority of a fire rated door fits with fire detection systems in the event of a fire. It will also notify your neighbour and will help to keep the fire from the source.


Checklist When Purchasing Digital Door Lock

When it comes to selecting a digital door lock in Singapore, there are various factors to weigh. There are hundreds of different models of digital locks commercially available. However, you must choose the most strong lock that cannot get broken or dissolved to be effective.

Know why you are buying

Ask yourself first, why do you need it? Why do you require to purchase one? Is it for an upgrade? What type of digital lock do you want to buy? How many do you need? Which door will it fit? It will help to plan and consider the process in advance. Give yourself time to think and make your choices to decrease the chances of making mistakes.

Aside from the advantages, buying doesn’t necessarily equal that you’ll be safe from any burglar. It will help if you take note that this will only increase security.

Check the security features

System protection features are among the most critical considerations when deciding on an electronic door lock in Singapore for your needs and budget. Purchase locks that have the most up-to-date security features to assist you to boost your security level.

Know each type and its differences. What is the advantage of the other digital lock? What are the other disadvantages? Be mindful when choosing and testing them.


A purchase in security can be a significant financial commitment, and you must ensure that it is a worthwhile investment. The lock you choose should be resistant to various wears, including the humid conditions in Singapore.

When buying a digital door lock in Singapore for your HDB gates, consider how long it will last you. Would it be usable in the following years?

Know the dimensions

Can it fit your door? Even though they design door locks to be practically universal, not every entry conforms to this requirement. There have been numerous instances where they create some of them differently. Measure everything carefully, both inside and outside, to guarantee that the electronic door lock in Singapore will match and function properly.

Choose how you can control it.

To be able to manage a smart lock, there are numerous options available. Despite the apparent differences between a digital door lock in Singapore, depending on installation, wireless technology, and connection with third-party devices, all of them perform essentially the same function: they provide you with enhanced, remote control access to a particular space.

However, there are still some complexities to how it implements enhanced intelligent control.

Choose which protocol

There are three types to choose from, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and Z-wave. Bluetooth is a commonly used protocol technology because it consumes less battery power than Wi-Fi and lasts longer between charges.

With WI-Fi protocol, you may remotely lock and unlock your door using Wi-Fi, add additional users or access codes from anywhere, and track the status and activity record of your lock. Connecting your electric digital lock in Singapore to the Internet with Wi-Fi will provide you with several possibilities.

However, companies incorporate Z-Wave locks through “universal” hubs. It means that you should integrate other intelligent devices appropriate to your Z-Wave hub into your door lock.


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