Hotels are rarely an ideal choice for long term visits considering the relatively high expenses that come with such extended stays and the squeezed spaces that don’t do much to make you feel at home. Many people are however now embracing the use of serviced apartments as an alternative for the comfort which they provide, and are furnished to feel like you own home which can be relaxing to be in after a long day at work. All in all, when choosing an apartment for short term rental, APT212, a leading dealer in serviced apartments advises clients to do adequate research and consider factors which include;

Services offered- there a wide range of additional services which are offered alongside accommodation by service apartment agencies. Various services such as cleaning, car rentals, interpreters, etc. are offered by various service providers. The services offered should have an input in the final choice you make especially if directly need the service during your stay.

Location- this is a very important factor to consider when going through your accommodation options. An ideal area of choice should be one not very far away from your place of work, has a parking space if you will need a car, has a playground and other facilities for kids in case you’re traveling as a family among other things. You should, therefore, do adequate research on the various available properties or use an agent to help you find the best apartment for you.

Size and equipment present- serviced apartments are designed to function like homes away from home. They, therefore, have kitchens for you to prepare your meals and other separate rooms but differ in terms of the furniture and apartment sizes. Before settling on one apartment, you should know how many people will be using the house and hence the suitable size, the kitchen appliances that are available, suitable working space among other things that matter to you.

Cost- ultimately your budget for the entire period in which you are to stay in the apartment dictates the choice of apartment you can get. You should be aware and account for costs such as security deposits, monthly rent, and other extra costs before you sign the lease. If you are not directly dealing with the property owner, it is advisable to use verified agencies such as APT212 to minimize the probability of being taken advantage of by scammers. Such agencies furthermore verify all the apartments and hosts which they update on their websites giving a true indication of their market value protecting you from overpaying.


If chosen well, a serviced apartment can be the best place for your accommodation needs anytime you travel. Established residential locations will keep you from having to sleep through traffic noises, enhanced security allowing you to leave or come any time even late at night and cooking your meals at your convenient times unlike in hotels among other benefits. Nevertheless, you should do adequate research and put various factors into consideration to ensure you get exactly what you need for a comfortable stay.