Bitcoin mixers are used to turn your financial operations into safe and anonymous ones. This way you prevent yourself from becoming a victim of any scam or fraudulent operation. But what if the bitcoin mixer platform is a scam itself? Then you can lose your money and reveal personal data to a hacker or scammer. To avoid this, you’d better review the platform and services you are going to cooperate with. You should look at guarantees and certifications the mixer can provide you with.

Trustworthy platforms, counting the best bitcoin mixer BitMix, supply you with documents to state and guarantee their obligations and quality of services. Look how this process is organized at BitMix.

Download the Letter of Guarantee

To get your coins mixed you need to fill out the request form. After you provide all the necessary information, such as preferred currency, personal code, a destination address, select the delay time and fees, and confirm your request for coin mixing, you are given the Letter of Guarantee.

The letter itself guarantees that the address you are sending your money to is generated by the company’s servers and is proof of the company’s obligations. Your main task is not to forget to download the Letter. In 72 hours all the data about your transactions will be deleted for the sake of your safety and the Letter of Guarantee will be the sole evidence that any operations have taken place.

Verify the Letter of Guarantee

To know that the letter and services provided at the mixing platform are not fake you can also verify the Letter of Guarantee. To do so, go to your Bitcoin wallet. Open the section File or Tools and find the option Verify Message there. Insert the service address you can find on the official website, Letter of Guarantee, and official signature. Click Verify and view the results.