When it comes to diamonds, there are two different types of them available. Mined diamonds, which are extracted from the nature and is believed to be the purest forms of diamonds. On the other hands, you also have diamonds which are manufactured and produced at the laboratories. These diamonds are produced by using different types of mechanical and chemical means; and the process of natural diamond formation is replicated. Lab made diamonds are very popular, as they are less costly, and are also available in different colours. Talking of colours, diamonds should be ideally colourless; which is the case with the ones which are extracted from the mines.

Lab Made Diamond – What is it?

The main point of distinction between mined and lab grown diamond is the way of their formation and creation. When it comes to mind diamonds; they are formed naturally underneath the crust of the earth; where they are exposed to extreme pressure and temperature. These diamonds are mined when the volcanic eruptions bring them close to the earth’s surface.

When it comes to making diamonds in the lab; the natural process is imitated. There are two different mechanism which are used for making diamonds in the lab; they are HPHT or High-Pressure High Temperature process and CVD or Chemical Vapor Deposition process. At the labs; a diamond seed, which is nothing but a minuscule diamond slice is applied with pressure and temperature, which then blossoms into a large diamond, which is rough in appearance. This happens due to the growth of carbn atoms around it.  When it comes to the elegant pieces, they are grown and developed at the certified labs, where limited amount of energy is used and literally emits no emissions.

Few Facts about Lab Made Diamonds

Here are a couple of interesting facts about lab made diamonds which you need to know

  • Lab diamonds are almost 30% cheaper compared to the natural diamonds of the same quality and size.
  • The fact that the same natural process is replicated in the making of lab made diamonds, it is impossible for the human eyes to find any difference between the two.
  • When it comes to gradation and certification; there are no differences between these two types of diamonds.

What makes Lab Diamonds Cheaper?

When it comes to lab diamonds vs mined diamonds, the ones made in the lab are much cheaper. For natural and lab made diamonds, there is hardly any difference in terms of cost for polishing, cutting and inspecting. The difference in prise arises from the differences in the processes and costs which leads up to that extent; which is extremely heavy cost which needs to be incurred in the process of mining diamonds.

Basically, it is the cost of extraction; which creates the main distinction in terms of price between mined diamonds and lab made diamonds. One of the reasons as to why the lab made diamonds have become so popular, is due to the fact that they are cheaper compared to the natural diamonds and at the same time, offer the same quality.