A few years back, the application of online directories was very popular to get the SEO, and hence there was a widespread growth of new directories all over the web. Every business company started enlisting wherever they could.

However, Google noticed that and modified its algorithm, and thereafter these websites started getting a low priority from Google for getting listed on any directory that they could. Google started viewing it as spam and all business owners and also SEO experts became more careful about the strategies for linking that they used.

You need to understand that all directory sites may not be bad, but there are a few high authority options, which are an extremely important part while making your SEO strategy. You must therefore find the right kind of directories for enlisting your business.

Often these business directories may not be free as before and hence you may get a quote from them before you register on these directories.

Also, you must hire a professional who understands the algorithm of Google better so that they can make the necessary changes to your website so that you get a better ranking on the search result.

Getting your business enlisted

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You have now understood that there are a few websites that are actually important for you. Having known this fact now the next thing to do is how to find which sites will be the best for you to enlist your business and then how you can start managing them all.

1.     Search for your business

You can yourself search for your company online and see the results all by yourself. Now decide, which sites search engines will also pull the reviews too.

2.     Visit those listing sites

Now you must create your account by claiming yourself as the owner of a business and make a complete and accurate entry listing about your business. You can also leave your comments on customer reviews after claiming the business. This will be especially important to manage negative reviews.

3.     Ask your customers to send a review about your business

If any customer offers good feedback, then you can ask them also to share their views on a certain local review website too. The more reviews that you have, your reputation will grow stronger which is almost equal to more business.

4.     Don’t be scared of any bad reviews

In case you get a bad review, then invite that customer to get in touch with you and try to address his problem. This can help you to win back your customer.

5.     Monitor your listings

You must always make your online presence so that you can manage all your listings easily from one place.

As such your customers are already making use of local reviews to search your businesses. So, you must not waste your time but use all those reviews in your favor. You will then find only honest feedback is coming from your customers and that will help in building your brand.