When an entrepreneur plans to create a website that represents their business, the first step is choosing a domain and SEO-optimized hosting. On many occasions, website creators do not take SEO into account when choosing a domain or when designing the website itself. This will eventually make it more difficult for us to achieve good organic positioning. Something that can be avoided if you follow a series of important guidelines from the beginning. It is also important to add, by way of introduction, that SEO allows us to take different paths to achieve the same objective. In this case, when choosing a perfect domain for a web page, we must take into account not only the keywords, but also many other aspects that we will analyze below.

What type of domain do you need for your website?

This is the first question you should ask yourself when considering creating an online business. Depending on the objective you have, the choice of one type of domain or another will be relevant. In principle to be optimized it must be short and easy to remember. However, this is something that favors direct traffic capture more than SEO itself. To choose a correct domain, we must first understand well what it is composed of and what type of domain we must choose according to our interests and objectives. The domain consists of two parts, the name and the extension. Both are important to get together a perfect address for our website.

How to choose a Premium domain name?

Choosing a premium domain for sale is generally not an easy task. In case you want to digitize an existing business, this is a step that will be much easier for us, because a priori we already have a chosen name. If the name chosen previously meets the conditions that we are going to see below, better than better. Otherwise, keep in mind that domain is not everything in SEO and that a website with a non-optimized domain name may also be in first position in Google. Choosing a good domain is just one more strategy that we have to take into account when positioning a website.

For Personal Brands

In the case of wanting to position a personal brand website, the domain name must be something that represents us. The best and most used option is to use our own name. The Internet is full of examples of this type of domains and generally these websites get most of their traffic thanks to content marketing or SEM. If you are creating a personal brand to offer services or as a means of making yourself known to the world, in the case of artists, for example, write your personal or artistic name for your domain name and read on to see how you can complement it.

For Local Businesses

If we want to create a website for a local business, it will always be very useful and a widely used resource to include in the name of our domain the city or town where the business is based. This will not make any sense in the case of online businesses, but it will help local businesses a lot in Google. A clear example could be a fictitious domain called “TirupatiTrip.com”. This domain is very useful for local SEO because it includes in the name the keyword of the city where the services are offered. In this way, when a person searches for “Restaurants in Chandigarh” on Google, this website in itself will have a good priority for SEO, to complete with the other important aspects for the positioning of a website.

For Keywords

The domain names to position keywords are the most relevant for the creation of niche pages, or any other type of specialized website whose purpose is to obtain income from affiliation, sales, or advertising. The domain of a website designed to position keywords must have the main and most competitive keyword within its name.

In this regard, it is also very useful to use keywords to obtain a more specific name that is progressively positioned for different searches. This website will rank first more easily for the complete keyword, however, as the site gains authority, it will also rank for the words, which are respectively more difficult to position because there is much more competition.

Pair of Domain name and Extension

Now that we have analyzed the most important aspects, how about we pair a domain name with the extension? To give an example of a perfect domain that combines all of the above and that can serve as a reference to create your own. With domain we are named our personal brand, our profession, and the city where we mainly offer our services. Also, since we already include the city as a keyword, it is neither necessary nor recommended to use a geolocated extension. Also in this case SEO services can be offered through the Internet to any part of the world, so having a territorial domain would not provide any benefit.