Are you expecting a newborn baby from your friends or loved ones? Being invited is a privilege, and granted a title is a responsibility; whether you are a godparent, family friend, aunt or uncle, you need to get them the best possible gift items for babies. So, where do you get them the best personalized baby gifts in Singapore?

Should you decide to attend a baby shower to celebrate with the new parents, you have to take time to think and plan your gifting item. Giving something for parents to make their lives easier with their newborn is something that every parent will appreciate from their loved ones and friends. After all, taking care of a baby is a challenging part.

However, for such invited witnesses, giving gifts can spawn a number of thoughts and questions that can challenge your plan and ideas. Is it the right gift for him or for her? How should you find out what to include in personalised baby hampers? How can you make the item more thoughtful, and how many should you give? Giving gifts is not a walk to the park. Nonetheless, it can be an exciting experience every once in a while!

Gifting Items For Babies – Discovering All The Essential Needs

If you are planning out fantastic gifting items for babies for the first time, it’s crucial that you know the essentials should the baby arrive. All these ‘essentials’ are what the newborn will need and what the parents will use during their sleep time, bath time, diapering, clothing and feeding.

So if you are thinking of a particular gift that will appeal to both parents and babies, you could never go wrong with these types of essential choices:

Essentials for bathtime

Bathtime essentials mainly consist of simple baby items to clean up and fresh before bedtime and after playtime! Here are a few items to consider for gifting:

Baby shampoo and body wash

Baby shampoo and baby body wash are often mildly formulated to prevent skin irritation since the baby’s skin is very delicate. Thus, ensure that you opt for a gentle-wash label before you include one in your own personalised newborn gifts.


Washcloths need to be extra soft to avoid causing injuries to the baby’s skin. Ensure that the fabric is made of high quality to ensure a lasting item in the long run.

Baby tub, seat or basin

Babies can take their first bath as early as the umbilical cords are removed or fallen off. Most newborns can take baths in a tiny tub, sink or basin. Thus consider including baby tubs in your list if you are thinking about searching for ‘baby personalised gifts’ online.

Baby-friendly lotion

Some babies might have eczema and other minor skin conditions. Therefore if you know the skin condition well enough, you can include a lotion product.

Essentials for clothing

Every parent loves to dress up their baby, whether it’s casual apparel for outdoors or a warm and comfy sleep time. Here are a few must-haves for parents that you can buy:


Mittens are the essential get-go to prevent the baby from scratching themself since cutting their fingernails is something every parent should struggle with.


Another must-have baby essential and something you need to include when buying personalised baby hampers. Onesies make it easier to change diapers since it only takes a few to unsnap than taking off the baby’s entire outfit, which can be a hassle for parents.


Pyjamas are another ideal clothing item for nighttime sleeping. Pyjamas should be soft-to-touch and hypoallergenic to prevent allergic reactions. Be sure to check the sizing. It should cling enough to the baby’s body while not being too tight enough to restrict the blood flow.

Hats or caps

Baby hats and caps are another adorable accessory item that is must have if you are looking for customized baby gifts in Singapore. Babies often lose almost one-third of their temperature through their heads. Therefore, wearing a hat or cap can warm and regulate their temperature.


While socks aren’t something a baby will need 24/7, it’s often another accessory that parents might need every now and then. However, indoor travel may sometimes require babies to wear one to regulate their temperature.

Essentials for feeding

Babies need to be fed promptly while reducing the mess as possible. Here are a few items for you to consider:


While babies often make cute faces when eating, they can get messy. Bibs are essential to reduce the mess!


If you’re making personalised newborn gifts, milk bottles are a must to add to the package! Every baby will need a handful of good milk bottles, and even mothers will need them for feeding their babies.

Milk storage

Every mother needs to store excess milk and milk powders. Milk storage can also serve handy for storing food or stocking up on sealable containers.

Essentials for diapering

One of the most critical aspects is having proper changing materials to deal with unexpected excretions and leaks. Here are a few diapering items to include in your own personalised newborn gifts:


Of course, diapers are the most obvious ones. However, choose those that are comfortable to wear and easy to dispose of. You can opt for reusable ones. But be sure that there is a good amount should there be few going to the washes.

Baby wipes

Choose baby wipes that are made with gentle washcloths to prevent irritation and balance the pH in the baby’s skin. Baby wipes should also be unscented to avoid allergic reactions.

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