Many people do not understand the laws governing us. They sound like abstract concepts that people only pay attention to when they violate them. Some might imagine that we only need lawyers during serious disputes or criminal cases. But a criminal lawyer in Singapore is not the only type of lawyer you can find. Family law is an integral part of our society, and without a family lawyer, we will not be able to resolve matters concerning our family ties.

Family matters are different from criminal cases that affect the whole society. While criminal cases deal with crimes that may harm other individuals and the general populace, family law dictates property ownership, rights like child custody, instances of domestic disputes, and more. The law branch responsible for these situations may not be handled by the same people who specialise in criminal law. You will need a dedicated family lawyer to help you out.

As the earliest societal unit that every human being shall experience, we develop attachments to our family whether we want to or not. Because of our emotions, family disputes can easily turn into messy affairs. Family relations are legally binding, such as spouse to spouse and parent to child. If they want to sever or change parts of their legal relationship, they must turn to a court to help them out.

Disputes about the property and other rights may also be impossible to negotiate without a third party letting the emotions run high. For example, divorcing couples might not always be on their best behaviour when negotiating or rationalising their side. It is up to a divorce lawyer in Singapore to help their client achieve their wishes.

What are divorce lawyers? What is their purpose?

Let us take a closer look at divorce lawyers because they occupy a particular niche in the family law sector. While family law covers many aspects of family issues, such as relatives disagreeing over inheritance and volatility within the family, a majority of the cases that many family law firms handle relate to divorce.

Divorce might be somewhat taboo to talk about in Singaporean society, but that does not mean that it does not exist. In one year, over 7000 couples filed for divorce. It is a low number, only a little over 4%, but it still impacts many people. For these couples (and any new spouses who wish to celebrate), they are not alone. A divorce lawyer in Singapore knows the ins and outs of divorce so they can help you walk away with the best terms.

Even if you are the one who filed for the divorce, the Singapore court will not be on your side automatically. They must weigh judgements and take the most prudent path to allow both parties the rights they deserve from the marriage. Important assets are at stake here– like your business, your home, or other properties. They also need to account for the children, who are arguably the most affected by the case.

Anyone who cares about their rights and children will hire the best divorce lawyer in Singapore. A divorce lawyer can secure your future and protect you from your rights getting stripped away when you file for divorce. They can ensure your future and help you get the best outcome.

What services can a divorce lawyer provide to me?


If you are still sceptical about why you need a good divorce lawyer for your proceedings, think of it this way: a lawyer is your safety seatbelt while you prepare for an inevitable crash. You do not want to be saddled with a subpar seatbelt and suffer the consequences of the crash. On the other hand, a great lawyer can minimise the damage and risks, even if it does not fully go how you expect.

They provide many services that can help you get back on your feet and protect what’s rightfully yours. Here are a few services a divorce lawyer can provide for you.

1) Divorce mediation

When negotiations fall through, only a divorce lawyer might be able to help. They can represent you and talk to your spouse’s lawyer rationally. Divorce mediation in Singapore is a service type that benefits couples who want to settle for fair terms. A divorce lawyer may also get a third, neutral negotiator if both spouses are two suspicious of preferential treatment. You can get more successful results if both parties are willing to divide family assets carefully. After divorce mediation, you can reach an agreement. Ask your divorce lawyer about prudent plans you can use for bargaining.

2) Child custody advice

Most Singapore courts will grant joint custody of the children to both parents when they get divorced. But that is not always the case with both spouses. One might be unfit to be a parent or the couple may have a relationship so volatile that it poses a danger to the children. If you are worried that your spouse may pose a danger to your children, you might be able to make a case for single-parent child custody.  Ask your lawyer to know more about what you can do to protect your children.

3) Protecting you from defamation

Emotions run high when couples argue, and they might turn it into a bigger problem when they start hurling insults at each other. Defamation is a serious topic to tackle for anyone. If your spouse tries to defame you, ask for defamation lawyers in Singapore instead. They can help you protect your name and prove that your partner has broken the law and ruined your reputation maliciously.

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