For a lawn up to 600 square meters, a 43 cm blade and a power of 1,400 / 1,700 W is better. To avoid increasing confusion when purchasing, only two models of this type of lawn mower is recommended, one for small lawns and one for slightly larger lawns. The Ecolawn applicator is useful there.

Battery lawn mower

The battery-powered devices have the advantage of not having the dimensions of the wire and being at the same time very quiet. The disadvantages are represented by the fact that after a few years the battery must be replaced, by the higher cost of the lawn mower and by the autonomy of the battery. As for the advice for the purchase, those for electric lawnmowers remain valid. Here is a good cordless appliance that you can buy to cut your lawn.

A very interesting feature of this lawn mower is the so-called mulching function. This consists in cutting the grass fine enough to be redistributed on the ground and thus obtaining a fertilizing effect. This way you have two advantages in one. It avoids having to empty the grass container and it automatically fertilizes the lawn.

Keep in mind that this function is usually present in the more expensive models with an internal combustion engine. The model recommended to you, while running on battery power, is top of the range and has nothing to envy to the petrol ones.

Tips for Buying Lawn Mowers with Internal Combustion Engine

This type of lawn mower is used to cut large lawns. Also in this case the available range of models is vast. Unlike the models discussed previously, it is important for motorized models to have a look at the blades.

In this case, in fact, in choosing the motor mower, we must also consider the type of blades it mounts. In addition to the classic flat blade we can find double or triple blades. These ensure a perfect cut down the first pass and save you valuable time.

Since these lawnmowers are sturdier and heavier than others, some models have partial traction which allows those who use it to make less effort. Obviously in the face of these advantages, the price is much higher.

As mentioned above, these machines are often equipped with the mulching function. You can therefore use them without a container as the machine finely chops the grass and redistributes it on the lawn. Given the price, you better buy this type of product only if you really need it.

Keep in mind that having an internal combustion engine these machines need more maintenance than the electric ones. More maintenance means an additional cost to be incurred. Also in this case, the purchase of two models of lawn mowers that have received the approval of the users who bought them down is better.

With these two machines you can cut the grass of large lawns without any problem. All the machines you find on this page are of excellent quality. Those who bought them declared themselves very satisfied with their operation and left positive reviews on the Amazon website. In addition to the types of mowers, there is also an automatic type.