In today’s day and age, we are fully surrounded by machines that help make our work easier. One such advanced technological innovation can be seen in commercial refrigerators for the food industry. With the help of commercial refrigeration equipment; restaurants, bakeries, butchers and other food service providers are able to deliver high-quality food products to consumers. However, at the same time, it is important to do regular maintenance of this equipment to avoid any damages or issues. 

So here are a few tips on how to maintain your commercial refrigeration equipment:

  • Keep the interior and exterior clean- Make sure to clean your refrigeration equipment on a weekly or at least biweekly basis. These pieces of equipment are important and hence should be cleaned with the utmost care. Use a soft cloth or a brush, soap, or vinegar to clean the insides. The outside of the unit is equally important hence; use proper cleaning solutions to clean them as well.
  • Keep the evaporation coil in check- The evaporator coil inside the refrigerator is one of the most important equipment of the machine. The humidity and warm air circulated inside the unit is absorbed by the evaporator coil to keep the interior unit cool and effective. Therefore, it becomes important to clean and maintain the coil on a regular basis to avoid any blockages in the airflow that can harm the entire refrigeration unit.

  • Avoid contaminated ice- Storage of contaminated ice in the interior of a freezer ot ice maker bin can cause various types of contamination. Even current updated machines can be affected by viruses, bacteria, etc. In order to avoid such issues make sure that your freezer or ice-maker is well-maintained and cleaned thoroughly. Always make sure that your service provider cleans the dispensers, water lines, and bins along with the overall cleaning of your ice making unit.

  • Hire the best service provider- Commercial refrigeration can provide you with the best performance only if it is maintained on a regular basis. If you do not do so, issues like dirty condenser coils can harm the entire unit and it becomes difficult to maintain the temperature range. Hence, it is important that you hire the best service providers for your refrigeration. Make sure to hire service providers who have proper knowledge about their work. This is where the FrigoMan Inc. and their expert service technicians ensure you get the best and effective solutions for your refrigeration unit.

Using these small tips for maintaining the commercial refrigeration will help you keep your equipment safe and in proper working condition.