Facing criminal charges can be an intimidating experience. Regardless of the nature of charges and your share of fault (if at all), you deserve the best possible legal representation. If you are in Rochester, you wouldn’t have a hard time finding law firms that specialize in criminal defense. Of course, you shouldn’t be hiring the first lawyer you have found. The first meeting or phone consultation is usually free of charge, so it makes sense that you talk/meet an attorney before taking things ahead. If you live in Western New York, here are some questions to ask your local Rochester criminal defense attorney

  1. What is your evaluation of my case?

The scope of criminal law is huge. Some defense attorneys specialize in drug-related matters and misdemeanors, while others may work for clients facing sex crime, murder, or other serious charges. You need an attorney who has experience of handling cases similar to yours. It is important to note here that criminal lawyers may not offer all details related to their previous clients and cases, but can share their experience. Ask the attorney about their assessment of your case, if they have handled comparable cases in the past, and the outcomes of those cases. Watch out for red flags too – A criminal defense lawyer can always share details of what they can do for you, but if a lawyer promises an outcome, you should know that they are lying or exaggerating words. 

  1. How will you bill me?

Most criminal lawyers either work on a flat fee, or charge by the hour. If the lawyer bills you by the hour, they can offer a realistic estimate of how much you can expect to pay them. In case the lawyer is charging a flat fee, they may ask for more if the matter ends up in certain circumstances. Either way, you need to know if you can afford the concerned criminal lawyer in the first place. Fee isn’t the only criterion for selecting a lawyer, but does matter. 

  1. Who will handle by case?

It often happens that a bunch of criminal defense lawyers work for the same law firm. The lawyer you meet for the first time may not work on your case later. Ask the attorney in advance as who would be handling your case, and more importantly, the experience and expertise of the concerned attorney (if someone else is assigned). 

There are awesome criminal defense lawyers in Rochester, and many of them have years of trial experience behind them. Find an attorney who is skilled, available, and accessible.