How much are funerals supposed to cost? In Singapore, funeral parlours charge services that can range from affordable (a few hundred dollars) to expensive (several thousand dollars).  Have you ever wondered how your family will shoulder the expenses after you pass away? More often than not, in many cultures, death is a societal taboo so it’s rare to get the chance to speak our minds about it. But even if it’s taboo, talking about what will happen after you die is a necessary evil if you want your family members to be well-prepared for the eventuality.

Funeral planning

It may sound a bit morbid to plan ahead for one’s funeral, but doing so is actually a very logical way to go about it. Organising and preparing ahead of time saves your family a lot of the headaches and heartbreak associated with funeral planning, and saving up money can help them avoid most of the financial hardships that unexpected costs like sudden funerals can bring. And if you leave behind your plans and wishes, they can also bypass the immense effort it takes to plan for your funeral.

You don’t even need to spend a huge amount of money to hold a good funeral service– just setting aside a little money each year in advance can offset much of your financial burdens. Being transparent about your funeral plans with your family can lead to benefits like:

  1. Reducing disputes and arguments between family members about funeral details.
  2. Help them be more knowledgeable and be better prepared to handle funeral expenses
  3. Reduce anxiety over funeral planning, and be more equipped to handle unforeseen circumstances

Factors that affect your funeral expenses and how to control funeral details

As a Singaporean citizen, you likely would want to have your funeral held in Singapore. There are many factors that can affect the price of your funeral services. Some examples are:

  • Choosing between a burial or cremation. In general, cremations will be cheaper than burials. The space for one’s burials are very limited in Singapore and can inflate its costs. Cremations are heavily preferred here, but you need to check with your religion’s preferences for members’ remains.
  • The location where you will hold your wake. This eats up a significant chunk of your funeral expenses. Funeral parlours are the most costly places to hold funerals, so if you’re looking for more affordable funeral services, you should look elsewhere. Some churches can offer cheaper prices for holding wakes.
  • Whether the death occurred in Singapore or not. If you passed away overseas, you’ll need repatriation services to fly your remains home for the funeral. Repatriation is not cheap. If you passed away in Singapore, you’ll need a CCOD (Certificate of Cause of Death), which may have a corresponding cost depending on the circumstances.

The factors of your death are uncontrollable, but there are a few things you can do in advance to soften the blow. Doing these can help you control the costs and details of your funeral.


  • Writing a will. The will is an official document regarding the inheritance of your assets after your death. It states who your beneficiaries are, what they will receive from you, and what will be done to your assets. The will can help reduce family disputes and can also include details about your funeral. Due to its complexity, it is highly recommended that you enlist the help of your lawyer to help you create it.
  • Finalising the details of your funeral services. Choosing a funeral director is an important first step in controlling funeral costs. Many offer a variety of services and rates, so it’s best to compare and contrast different funeral packages so you have an accurate picture of what you need and how much you need to pay for it.
  • Talking to family members or close friends about funeral details. Don’t be afraid to reach out to someone who is knowledgeable about funeral planning and ask them for advice regarding funeral planning and details. You need to get in touch with direct family members on their honest opinions on your funeral plans. It’s also important because you need to ensure that they are well-informed of your intentions and that your wishes will be carried out after your passing. This is how you can ensure fairness should any questions or issues arise.

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