Online Education

Online learning has seen a transformation in recent years. Education is no longer limited to a certain physical place at any level. If you have access to the internet, you have access to a multitude of educational resources.

Education of all kinds is beginning to embrace its digital change, from continuing professional development (CPD) to ‘remote learning.’ However, a large global sector like education will require solutions at all levels, which means EdTech — the use of technology to improve the learning experience by making it more personalised and interactive – will become increasingly important.

The UAE led the MENA region in EdTech startups, with a 26 per cent stake in 2020, as well as increased investment in online learning.

Why should you launch an online learning company?

With the world open for business once more, the e-learning market is expected to exceed USD 243 billion this year, up over USD 78 billion from 2016.

Global demand for new online learning solutions is growing as mobile and Internet learning become more popular, backed by strong government initiatives. The Mohammed bin Rashid Smart Learning Project in the UAE is currently equipping 400 campuses with 4G technology, and Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum Global Initiatives (MBRGI) will launch the first digital school in the Arab region in 2020, providing flexible remote learning courses to students all over the world.

What are the prospects for online education companies?

There are openings in the market for creating online learning solutions that can appeal to a rising market of traditional course providers, such as schools and universities, who want to offer a combination of offline and online learning as part of their offerings.

Of course, online learning is not limited to academic institutions. According to studies, 70 per cent of R&D departments in the United States use a learning management system (LMS) to manage all aspects of their learning programme, from delivery and planning to progress and assessment tracking.

Many students choose online learning because it allows them to fit their studies around other obligations, such as a child or job care. Each section of the course, which is broken down into modules, requires a specific number of hours and credits, which the student accumulates until they achieve the required number to finish the course.

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