An employment agency characteristically appoints both temps and permanent workers. There are some job openings that call for flexibility and if they don’t already have such an employee, they advertise such posts in newspapers or job boards online.

Once they have completed their end of the promotion, agencies will start sifting through job applications and conducting interviews. When the candidate has passed his test, he will be hired, taking into account the opinion of his superiors. Other aspects are also negotiated in advance like pay-check, a span of job and other benefits.

  • What are the common misconceptions in hiring an employment agency?

There are several misassumptions in this regard like–

  1. One of the most widespread fallacies is that it’s extravagant in the pocket. Many might ask, “Why do I have to pay an additional fee to a recruiting agency for a job that I can handle on my own?” but the truth is it actually works out cheaper in the long run.  
  2. Time is of the essence and especially in business, time is money. A lot of companies look directly focus on the expenditure invested in recruitment agencies as opposed to the time that they’re saving on.  When there is a job opening that is not filled for a long period, it hampers the company productivity which in turn costs the company money. It’s not really black and white, is it?  
  3. The employment agency has legal responsibilities on their end to fulfill like the covering of taxes and unemployment compensation. Some business enterprises naively assume that the difference in the rates between the employee and the agency makes for the profit which is far from the truth.
  4. A common myth is that agencies provide substandard employees. They imagine that they couldn’t find a job anywhere else so they used a recruitment agency as their last resort but this is not entirely true. Infact, many of the candidates that sign up for temporary work are more often than not, over-qualified for their jobs. 
  5. People who apply for temporary jobs work far below their pay grade for reasons like adapting to skills that require innovation or deep insight, gathering business sense or it could be for plain flexibility. Sometimes, they’re just looking for a refreshing change in the ambiance of work. The hunt for a job via recruitment bureaus can be made possible with agencies like agence de travail Hunt.