Much of the equipment in factories and pressing plants rely on compressed air to function. If your factory uses air compressors, keeping them well-maintained is crucial to the state of your factory. If a severe breakage occurs, while an air compressor repair service in Singapore can fix it, there could still be delays in productivity. Here are four ways to keep your air compressors well-maintained.

1. Read the manual.

Remember that the manual isn’t something to be thrown away after purchase. Depending on the air compressor supplier in Singapore, they may include easy fixes to issues an air compressor might face. Checking the manual can save you time and money and get the factory back in shape as soon as possible.

2. Clear the intake valves.

As an air compressor from Singapore sucks air in from the intake valves, dust and other dirt can get stuck into the valves. If no one cleans them, you might end up with clogged valves a few months later. By cleaning the intake valves every three months, you’ll prevent future complications with them.

3. Change out the air filters.

Like the intake valves, the air filters catch all of the dirt and other particles from the air so that the compressed air is completely uncontaminated. If the air used for production is dirty, it could affect the quality of your product. Change the air filter of your air compressor from Singapore annually to prevent any major issues.

4. Book air compressor servicing.

Even while taking precautionary steps, sometimes breaks happen anyways. There’s no such thing as an unbreakable appliance, after all. But it’s better to solve the problem sooner than later. If you notice a break, call air compressor servicing in Singapore immediately.

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