A bouquet of flowers is one of the most common gifts you can give to any of your loved ones. Due to the fact that it’s generally liked by all and considered a thoughtful gift, it is often the first option that comes to mind when we’re busy deciding on what presents to give. Despite being an ordinary gift, bouquets are primarily associated with Valentine’s day. It has caused many people to think that ordering fresh flower delivery in Singapore is only meant for occasions and connections that are solely related to romance. This isn’t actually the case. In fact, there are multiple occasions where you can choose flowers as a gift to another person.

1. Graduation

Parents witnessing their children graduate is a vital moment in their lives. It is a huge milestone that makes them feel as though they truly succeeded in being good parents. Since they were able to raise someone to the point of graduating, it is only fair that they consider it a win in their parenting book. However, parents aren’t the ones who should be congratulated during this momentous occasion. As a means of rewarding their children for their efforts, parents often give hand bouquets from Singapore to acknowledge everything they achieved.

2. Condolence

Although losing a loved one or a friend is really tough, visiting their wake and funeral is even tougher. When you haven’t completely processed that a person in your life has died, the realisation only kicks in once you see their casket. In order to honour them and at least brighten the funeral parlour where their wake is held, you can purchase a condolence wreath in Singapore and have it displayed. It might even make their spirit smile to see such beautiful flowers.

3. Birthday

A birthday may not seem like a very important event, but it still greatly matters to the celebrant and the people who care about them. Whether it be your friend or your family member that is celebrating their birthday, giving them a gift they would appreciate is always a must. If you have no idea what to give them, you can have a surprise birthday flower bouquet delivered straight to their door!

4. Get Well Soon

It is common knowledge that hospitals aren’t happy places to be in. Whenever the doctor advised us to stay in the hospital for a few days, we couldn’t help but feel ourselves getting depressed at the thought. The white walls that surround us, the smell of diseases that fills the air, and the fear of uncertainty that plagues our hearts don’t exactly spark joy inside us. If you know someone who is hospitalised, you shouldn’t think twice about getting them get well soon flowers as a gift since it will most likely brighten their room and mood.

5. Apology Gift

Hand bouquets in Singapore also work as an apology gift for big arguments. In the instance that you fought your spouse, sibling, parents, or friend, giving them a bouquet of flowers along with your apology speech can help in winning their forgiveness.

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