Pallet Inverters are also popular as pallet tilters or pallet turners. They are employed in the manufacturing and distributing industry to tilt bulk merchandise loads to 180° and switch the pallet with another one easily. The pallet tilter is a stationary, stand-alone machine including a rotating frame for transferring multiple loaded pallets across the warehouse or into a shipping container or swapping wooden pallets to sterile ones.

Top Industries is associated with the pallet inverter manufacturing sector for many years. They have been making patented and cost-effective pallet turner and flipper models for many years. With a customized tipper with 180° rotation capabilities, pallet swapping or transfer is easy, quick, and without product damage concerns. The pallet tilters can handle all your tilting, lifting, rotating, and transferring needs.

Eases pallet handling tasks

Manufacturing sectors depend on the pallet tilter to handle their heavy loads. You will find these automated systems in pharmaceutical and food processing facilities, where items or ingredients in bulk are removed from wood pallets and put onto in-house sterile steel or plastic pallets.

It is crucial to adhere to cleanliness standards. Wood pallets are a great option for shipping but to adhere to sanitization compliance you can swap it with ease using pallet exchangers.

Sometimes, manufacturers prefer in-house sterile pallets, so to quickly transfer unit loads to a cheap wood pallet for merchandise shipping is made simple with a pallet tilter. Routinely, the pallet inverters are employed to straighten the loaded pallets that have slipped.

Sometimes, the products at the bottom of the pallet or the pallet itself get damaged. Pallet tilters help to swap the damaged pallets without the need to manually load and unload the entire pallet. It saves time and effort associated with unloading and reloading.

Better safety

Safety is another reason that several industries are using pallet side pushers to swap pallets. When the load is transferred manually, the possibility of employees getting injured increases when they lift or shift the pallets.

Forklifts or hand trucks help to transport pallets around the facility, but moving unit loads from a wooden pallet to a steel one are physically hard and time-consuming. The employees can injure their shoulder, knee, back, or another part of the body due to the variety of stresses and repetitive movements. It increases the facilities worker’s compensation cost, which can be avoided by investing in advanced technology manual handling equipment.

Better productivity

As the physical work load is decreased, the staff can handle other aspects of the facility. Lower physical stress means better enthusiasm and this is essential to increase productivity. An employee confidently works in a safe and ergonomic work environment. Besides, increasing productivity and self-confidence, the employee stays loyal to your company. It means an increase in employee retention and turnaround.

Technology has advanced and today manufacturing or production assembly lines are including pallet changers and inverters. With a fully-automatic pallet changer system, you can place unit bulk at the conveyor line’s one end and put them on a pallet at the next end.

Top Industries offer the Revolutionary Inline pallet exchange system designed for significant productivity increase. The reliance on manual labor dramatically reduces as it is equipped with incorporated pallet stackers. You can follow them on Twitter and engage with the company.