Business Validation is looking for a way to “test” your ability to sell your product online. But not only testing. The validation strategy can help you make your 10 sales a day with a very simple business structure.

The Strategy

You need a conversion page or sales page for a specific product that you want to validate. This page could be a Free Market ad, for example—you can use 

Kartra Pages. That’s why I say you don’t need an online store to get started.

Another thing you need is an audience that needs this product, that is, a channel to attract your target audience.

A value-generating content distribution channel that engages your potential customer. You must have thought of a blog. This is a good option, but let’s do it easier: this channel can be a Facebook page.

With this structure in place, you need to create content for your page, attract your audience, generate value for those people, and eventually make an irresistible offer for your product by linking to an ad on the free market.

You just need it to attract potential customers, find your First Sales Path, and reach your first 10 sales a day. That done, the business becomes a mathematical game. You increase your ability to attract more customers and thereby increase your sales.

The conversion continues. The more people in the content, the more sales.

Do not think that this validation strategy is a “guesswork” or a gamble. I strongly recommend that you start your business this way using the validation process. It sounds a little complicated, but it’s not, believe me.

You Sell Online, Make Money and Build Your Online Store

If you follow everything I’ve said in this article, either with Online Store or following the validation strategy, I guarantee you’ll attract more and more customers and get your 10 sales a day quickly.

By that time, when you already sell every day, you are already attracting customers and earning money. Only then will it make sense to invest time and money in building a beautiful Web Store for your business.

Setting up your Web Store will require a lot of dedication. There are many entries, photos, descriptions, videos, texts, integrations with payment methods and other tools.

This is all very important. You have to do everything right, calmly, and most importantly, do it with a validated business that sells every day, that attracts customers every day.

The number of online stores that open every day and close a few months later without making any sales is absurd. Almost 90% of stores end up like this. All of this could be avoided if validation had been done before, Kartra Checkouts helps ensures this doesn’t happen.