Today’s part of the article series on building a new blog is probably one of the most important and at the same time the hardest to write, because every blogger has to find their own optimal way here.

Nevertheless, there are many tips for writing blog articles and of course we also describe our own experiences. This starts with the search for ideas for articles, goes through the research to the letter itself, then finally the revision and completion of the article takes place.

In addition, we would like to go into typical mistakes that should be avoided and we address the question of when to publish the first articles. This article is part of the article series Step by step to the successful blog. A visit to write papers for money makes perfect now.

This article has become very extensive and probably the longest article we have ever written. Since you could actually make your own article series on the subject, we could not accommodate every tip that there would be for writing articles. That’s why in the individual sections we have often linked to other articles by myself that have already dealt with individual topics in more detail.

Write content

  • Writing blog articles is the bottom line for building a blog. As a blogger you will write (almost) daily new content for years.
  • This content is crucial to a blog, as it defines the image of the blog and provides much more than other website types for success or failure.
  • That’s why it’s very important to follow a few things as a budding blogger and avoid the most common mistakes.
  • However, writing is also the part of blogging that is the least standardizable. While there are best practices and many practical experiences and tips, every blogger has to come up with their own style and workflow.

Therefore, today’s tips are far from final or the only way to good articles. we have brought in our own experiences from almost 6 years and we hope we can make it easier for you to get started and help you to find your own optimal writing workflow.

At the beginning just a few words to start the regular writing

It helps, of course, if you like to write. we also liked to write a lot before and when we did not know exactly what the teacher wanted from me in the classes, then we just started writing and somehow it always worked out.

If you do not like to write, you can learn that and maybe you discover that it makes you happy, but in the long run you should not have to force yourself to write.

The second note concerns the entry. At the beginning it was very difficult for me to write articles. we always thought about how many people would read this text (and of course it was much less then today). So I’ve been thinking for a long time about which article topics are good and forever crafted the articles until we published them.