Ships bigger than life, containers that carry consumer goods and other items that need to cross borders, and a set of professionals who manipulate machines that most people have not seen in their lifetimes: These are the things you associate when hearing about freight forwarding. However, people who hire LCL shipment services in Singapore or those interested have misconceptions that confuse them. In this article, let us debunk these myths to clear things up.


MYTH: Hiring an LCL freight forwarderis never worth it because customers have to pay exorbitant transportation fees to the company on top of taxes and duties depending on the governing body in the country. Aside from that, people need to take extra precautions for their shipment by purchasing an insurance plan that can put a dent in someone’s finances.

TRUTH: There is no truth in the statement that freight forwarding is not worth it. In fact, people should get all the help they need because no one, unless you are a shipping magnate with all the control, has the means to process these things alone. In short, hiring an LCL shippingcompany is worth the money and effort.

TIP: Examine the pricing scheme and breakdown of the services. If you need LCL consolidators in Singapore, know the terms & conditions because this type of shipment is different from the typical order that fills an entire container. Be responsible, aware, and open to learning more about the service.


MYTH: LCL shippingdiffers from the usual freight forwarding order because the client cannot fill an entire container with their goods. They might need to look for other orders, do extra work managing the goods, and even charge a premium when they push through without waiting for an additional load. Aside from that, they might ask for extra paperwork or requirements to process everything.

TRUTH: The company does everything to combine different clients/orders to fill an entire container for the LCL shipment in Singapore. Customers need not worry about this because they are not the sole client for this type of service, and consolidating everything in one trip is easy for the company. Also, the files are very much the same with full container load (FCL) orders.

TIP: Carefully examine the pricing, requirements, and other things about the LCL shipmentorder to understand everything. You have nothing to worry about extra charges and papers, but it is better to be on the same page with the forwarding company. Ask, and they will provide a comprehensive answer to your question.




MYTH: Given the need to consolidate all shipments from different clients/orders, an LCL shippingservice takes more time to depart because they have to put in extra work. Why? Things are not as easy as FCL orders that only require one-time loading. Another is the possible waiting time if there are fewer orders than usual.

TRUTH: Clients should not worry about waiting for the LCL freight forwarder company to process their orders for departure. First, it does not take extra work or time to consolidate many shipments at once because many customers hire this service. Second, the forwarder does this efficiently, and they make sure to meet the time demands of everyone.

TIP: Understand the turnover time and the entire schedule of your LCL shipmentorder because you are a responsible customer aware of things. On top of that, ask for means of tracking or anything that lets you receive updates about the order. The company will surely provide something that gives you peace of mind while waiting.


MYTH: LCL consolidators and shippers in Singapore are liable for emergencies due to unforeseen circumstances. If anything happens to your shipment, they will cover everything to settle the issue. Aside from that, expect them to take care of the issue because that is their job.

TRUTH: The challenging part of hiring an LCL shippingcompany is the limitations of their liability. What does this mean? Think of the seriousness of international transport or borders on top of the possibility of theft and other issues. However, some companies are generous enough to include insurance or recommend a partner company.

TIP: Ask the company about their terms & conditions because it is different for everyone. One LCL freight forwarder company will offer insurance while the other might not. You have to know these things to safeguard your shipment. Insurance is mandatory for anyone who wants peace of mind.


MYTH: Most LCL consolidators in Singapore store their clients’ data for business use. These usually contain the nature of their operations, the consumer goods and items to transport, and sometimes the valuation of their order. With this, there is a high risk of data leakage and other privacy issues due to error and, sometimes, fraudulent activity.

TRUTH: Data leakage and privacy issues are impossible because an LCL shipping company adheres to government regulations and standards. Not only that, but these things will only happen if you unknowingly trust a fraudulent company that engages in criminal acts. They have contracts that stipulate a set of terms & conditions that protect both parties in the transaction.

TIP: Explore the contract before signing or finalising your order. If anything seems amiss with the LCL shipment plan, you can always ask the company and clarify some points because they might have used complicated words. Also, avoid dodgy companies at all costs because they will take advantage of the situation.



An LCL shipment in Singapore is the same as its counterpart, an FCL order, because the company ensures the safety, security, efficiency, and privacy of your order. Now that you cleared your confusion: Contact STAR CONCORD, from the Pacific Star Group, to book an order to transport your goods across borders. You can also contact them if you wish to lay out some queries or concerns.