Digital media allows for the conversation of info in a widespread range of forms, the information can be used for numerous purposes such as entertainment, illustration or communication. The process of marketing of various products or services through any digital medium can be termed as digital marketing. Digital technologies like the internet; mobile devices, display advertisements and various such digital mediums are the digital technologies that help to propagate the required content worldwide digitally.

In the modern generation where an individual spends most of their time on the internet, the chances of the digital message being conveyed are more than one getting to know about the message offline or other means. By opting for digital marketing one automatically expands the target audience cost-effectively and measurably. Apart from sharing the required information, the main advantage of digital marketing is that the customers get educated and also get to know about various information’s that can make their life better. Digital marketing training in Pune has boomed in the past decade due to all these reasons.

Why Digital Marketing?

The main reason why digital marketing is booming in today’s generation is due to the various options of selecting the medium to digitize the information at a lesser and efficient cost. Various small time industries that couldn’t get notices a decade ago due to lack of exposure are also coming up due to digital marketing. Unlike traditional marketing digital marketing allows one to know more about their customers by interacting with them through various online mediums, which was not possible in traditional marketing. It often happens that through the digitized content being shared online customers might get instantly connected to you thus increasing your target audience.

Digital Marketing or Traditional Marketing

  1. Promotion of products

The old-age way of marketing is the traditional marketing, here the promotion of products or services were done through print advertisements, banners, billboards, flyers or pamphlets, newspaper, radio and many more. With the coming of digital marketing and the modern era, more people have started coming over to the digital side, for example, an individual’s mobile device can provide with news, music and online advertisements at one place from across the globe.

  1. Unidirectional communication

Traditional marketing involved mostly of unidirectional communication where the seller sets the required information and puts it up on the market. The digital marketing works in a way where the communication provided to the audience is not in a monologues fashion. A recent survey suggested that ninety-one per cent of the people open their e-mails daily of which a whopping seventy-two percentage prefer e-mails as a preferred mode of communication.

  1. Newspapers advertisements

Traditional marketing involved newspapers advertisements, letters and pamphlets which are up to date ineffective and expensive. While at the same time digital marketing is a cheaper way and also an efficient way to share your details across the targeted audience effectively.

  1. Estimate the success of the marketing campaigns

In traditional marketing, there are no such tools or resources which are trustworthy enough to estimate the success of the marketing campaigns. While there are advanced tools which help estimate, track and also illustrate the progress of marketing campaigns.

The sudden increase in the usage of smartphones and easy access of internet digital marketing has opened up to various opportunities in the field of digital marketing. Digital marketing training in Pune has boosted over the past decade due to the sudden boost in the usage of internet and various digital devices. With the trending change or shift from traditional to digital marketing various Digital Marketing Courses in Pune helps an individual to get a sufficient boost in the digital marketing era with a rewarding and exciting career in the same.