Whether it’s a golf tournament or a conference, corporate events are used by companies and brands to bring their employees together. One of the primary goals of a corporate event is to help people establish interpersonal relationships that can’t develop inside the four corners of the office.

To make their corporate events stand out, most brands invest in the help of top event companies. Fortunately, there are many types of corporate events you can consider to help you achieve whatever business objectives you may have. Some of the most common types of corporate events top event companies swear by include:

Conferences and Seminars

Most companies plan and hold conferences and seminars with a target audience and provide them with relevant information. Seminars on the other hand are shorter events that can last anywhere from a couple of hours to a few days. Seminars and conferences also have single or multiple speakers.

Participants of seminars and conferences are kept together in the same space while the event is ongoing. Conferences typically have multiple sessions. Conferences are also typically held and hosted in hotels. They also often start with a keynote session and then a breakout session is done by topics.

Trade Shows

Companies and organizations consider trade shows as one of the best lead generation activities. Companies can opt to sponsor or host a trade show to highlight their image as an industry leader.

Trade show planning involves negotiating sponsorship rates for advertising, booth space, promotion, and speaking opportunities. Typically, trade shows are hosted in large venues so companies and organizations can showcase their products and services.

Incentive Programs and Executive Retreats

Organizational planning and business development are often the topics of these types of corporate retreats. However, equal importance is also given to enjoyable activities as part of the rewards and incentives. This type of event requires spending money on a per-person basis to put together these events.

Incentive trips and executive retreats usually last between three to five days. Planning also involves paying close attention to lodging, catering, transportation, site selection, business meetings, and other activities.

Appreciation Events

These types of corporate events give companies a chance to spend informal time with their guests in a non-conventional environment. This also gives both parties an opportunity to learn more about mutual business opportunities and build rapport.

Appreciation events can also come in the form of programs that are geared toward employee appreciation to those who show client appreciation. There are many types of appreciation events that organizations hold. Some of the most common include:

  • Tickets to popular events
  • Holiday parties
  • Dinner and theater
  • Day at the racetrack
  • Day and evening cruises
  • Suites at sporting arenas
  • Private parties at music festivals

Organization or Company Milestones

Company or organization milestones provide an opportunity to celebrate grand openings, anniversaries, and other major company or organization milestones. Company milestones can vary in their execution significantly. However, they tend to follow similar programs as client and employee appreciation events.

Milestone markers are usually celebratory in nature. They can also be limited to company employees but can also be expanded to include vendors, clients, and even the local community. This would depend on your company’s public presence and size.

Team Building Events

Team building events are designed to boost employee goodwill, morale, and confidence. These events also provide a great opportunity where employees can spend time together outside of the four corners of the office. Physical and outdoor activities can include workshops about emotions in the workplace.