Did you know that on average small businesses spend 6.9% of their revenue on IT support? In fact, small businesses spend more on tech services than larger corporations. But how much do tech services actually cost? 

With this guide, you can find out! From the average cost to what’s included, you can learn if you should hire a tech support team today. 

Now, are you ready to get started? Here’s a quick guide to IT support for small businesses: 

How Much Do IT Services Cost?  

Generally, tech services cost around $70 to $80 per hour. The overall cost of tech support depends on how long the service or repair takes. However, most techs charge per hour.  

For example, installing new computer software, fixing cables, or repairing computer parts can all affect your overall cost. Other factors include the complexity of the repair, whether it requires an on-site visit or a remote fix, or if it needs specialized support.  

While tech support may seem like quite an expense, it’s certainly necessary for every company to have. After all, IT services can help you remove viruses, malware, and even spyware from your devices. 

They can also use their knowledge to inform you of how to protect yourself from a future attack. That way, your company can stay safe from unexpected data breaches and hackers. 

What’s Included In This Cost? 

When hiring IT services, it’s important to understand what’s included. Below are just a few of their most asked about services:  

Laptop Repair 

As one of the most requested services, technicians make sure your laptop is bug-free, updated, and running smoothly before handing it back to you. If you have a specialized concern, technicians will take their time to diagnose the problem and repair it to the best of their abilities. In some cases, you may receive new and updated electronics if a crucial element was broken or needed to be updated per company policy. 

Service and Support Cost 

Many small businesses have a monthly service plan with their tech support team. This is often a beneficial investment as it keeps your computer network up to date and helps to maintain a friendly relationship with tech support. Other plan services may include emergency repairs, regular maintenance, or troubleshooting with new software updates. 

Data Recovery 

If your computer crashes, don’t worry, tech support has your back. They can recover lost files, retrieve old records, and restore lost data. Whether it be recently deleted, damaged, or corrupted, technicians will recover as much as they can off your hard drive. 

Hire IT Support for Small Businesses  

IT services are a must for any company but especially for a small business where security is key. It typically costs about $75 per hour, but for such a steep price, you’ll get a bundle of services that can help improve your company’s inner workings. 

You’ll receive services like laptop repair, data recovery, and monthly support. Technicians can also help you remove viruses from your computer in order to avoid data breaches and hackers.  

So what are you waiting for? Hire a tech support team today! 

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