to have a successful real estate ad, no mystery, you need good photos above all. According to an American study conducted by VHT Studios, a home with professional-quality photos receives 118% more views on the Internet and sells 32% faster. We offer some tips for having images that showcase your property. Methods applied by specialists but that individuals can also appropriate.

1) Light above all

To show an apartment in its best light, nothing like good light. Indispensable for quality photography, this light will determine the atmosphere and atmosphere that emanates from a place. Never hesitate to push it lightly for retouching or “unblock” the darker areas if your photo lacks a little clarity.

2) Indispensable Wide-Angle Lens

The best friend of the real estate photographer is this lens, which allows us to have a better appreciation of the dimensions and an enlarged view of the room. Sense of space, a better understanding of the layout of a place: the wide-angle photo is the one that will give the most information to inform a potential buyer correctly.

3) Straight Lines To Reassure Buyers

Many photos distort the lines. However, for an exterior photo, these lines which are not entirely parallel send the wrong message: unconsciously, the buyer will think that this house is not the most stable, the most solid there is. A phenomenon that can be corrected by avoiding too sharp a low angle or by slightly retouching the image.

4) HDR Photography, A Technique To Follow

It is not always easy to have an ideal exposure: bad weather, a lack or excess of light will inevitably impoverish the quality of the photos. Fortunately, technology makes it possible to improve the situation: HDR, for high dynamic range. This involves having a camera offering an HDR mode and taking several shots (usually 3) of the same image with the same framing. A tripod is, therefore, essential to make this kind of shot. Each photo is taken with different exposure to light, and the final shot will combine the chances to achieve a seamless result.

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