Before teaching you the tools with which you can improve the SEO of your site, it is necessary to talk about this term. When referring to SEO, we are mentioning the acronym in English of “Search Engine Optimization.”

And that’s what it is about, that a website is optimal and attractive to search engines in certain searches. Keywords play an essential role in SEO and web positioning metrics.

In addition, other variables such as loading speed, and inbound and outbound web links make a difference. In this sense, there are different tools that help you boost your website.

Keyword Tool

Finding variants of keywords for the niches we address is very useful to beat the competition. You can achieve wonders around cheap SEO services [jasa seo murah which is the term in Indonesia] if we discover other semantic search options for a given topic. To achieve this, the Keyword Tool is one of the most effective alternatives.

How does Keyword Tool work? You just have to enter their official website and choose the source of the semantic variants for a keyword. This tool allows you to choose between the following sources:

  • Google
  • Youtube
  • Bing
  • Amazon
  • eBay
  • App Store
  • Instagram

You must place the main keyword for which you want to generate more keywords. Instantly a list of alternative keywords to this one is generated in order of greatest to least amount of searches. With these new keywords, you can enrich your texts and labels to achieve a better positioning of your website.

Website Analysis

Through this function, you can obtain a complete study of your website based on different variables that affect SEO. First, the keywords by which your website has positioned itself in the top 100 of Google are shown.

You can also see the search volume and the cost per click on Ads campaigns. You can also see the distribution of success of the different pages that your website has.

This diagnosis also shows the competitors that are in the top 100 for the same keywords that you are positioned.

Keyword Analysis

In this utility, you can see the variants of keywords for different terms entered. Also, the difficulty of positioning your search and related searches.

You will find a list of websites with the best organic positioning for this search. This information is reflected in the list form and in the graphic mode for better analysis and understanding.