Melbourne is a big metropolitan city with a vibrant night life. It has something to offer everyone but finding a Melbourne strip club can be tricky. Sometimes, the best ones aren’t listed at the top of a search engine’s result top searches. Nor will you find a yelp review about the best strip near me. Melbourne is regarded as one of the best cities to live in because of the variety of entertainment it has to offer. There have ways been great bars and night clubs and a relaxed feeling about adult entertainment some have called European.

Well, it has been true for most of the years until 2020 rolled in and the global pandemic shut everything down. Before all this doom and gloom visited the city, there were a couple of good night spots that one could say they are the best. These ranged from dive bars to cheap strip clubs with dances named “Ruby” and “Peaches”, to opulent, exclusive gentlemen’s clubs with expensive booze, expensive entry fees and the kind of service that high powered rich men would gladly blow tens of thousands of dollars for.

Basically, Melbourne has everything, from low-key night time entertainment to raucous juvenile clubs and bars. Here are some of the best clubs that people lined up for hours to gain entry to:

#1. Showgirls Bar 20

Showgirls Bar 20 is a well-known Club listed at 195 King Street Melbourne. The girls are friendly, beautiful and have the kind of moves that can inspire a man to incredible feats. Showgirls Bar 20 is one of Melbourne’s original strip clubs having opened their doors in 1993.

#2. Spearmint Rhino Gentleman’s Club

When one talks about taste and class, they mean places like Spearmint Rhino Gentleman’s is not just your ordinary Melbourne strip club. It is an institution with its own distinctive dress code and a specific etiquette. Spearmint Rhino Melbourne is one of the most expensive strip clubs in Melbourne. It is arguably one of the best strip clubs in Melbourne.

#3. Goldfingers

The first club you see when you step off Southern Cross Station and on to Lonsdale is Goldfingers. It’s rowdy club that is famous for hosting epic themed nights. It is famous for its afternoon shows from Tuesday to late Friday. People travel from neighbouring cities and small town to enjoy an after or evening of salacious adult entertainment.

#4. Showgirls Bar 20

Showgirls Bar 20 is the newest hip gentlemen’s club that is a little bit more subdued. It’s known as the best place for the hottest girls dancing while receiving VIP bottle service in its brand newly built venue.

Showgirls bar 20 has special nights for dancers who are just starting out Fridays are also a big hit with Bucks parties so book early! Showgirls bar 20 offers membership from gold to platinum levels for regulars. The club is located on King Street and it opens from Wednesday to early morning Sunday’s.

#5. Men’s Gallery

Everybody knows the Men’s club. It used to be that every showgirl in Australia wanted to perform there or at least be part of the Showgirl World Championships that the club hosted every year. Many of the dancers are well-known in the industry.  The Men’s Gallery offers a lot of fun packages including bucks nights and topless pocket dealers. It is located on Lonsdale and is open Monday to Sunday.

#6. Magic Men Melbourne

It would be remiss to leave male strippers out of the list. There are male strip clubs that offers beauty and brawn. Magic Men, an obvious play on that popular film Magic Mike is a popular men’s strip club in Melbourne. It’s clientele ranges from female and males and draws no distinctions on sexual preference.  The club offers the biggest revue by size and followers so you know the guys are out to please and they definitely know what they are doing.

#7.  Centrefold Lounge

Centrefold could arguably be the biggest club in Melbourne. It downs three levels and have five bars. Centrefold is the Mecca. There are hundreds of dancers who perform at the club each week. The interior is classy and the patronage reflects the kind of club that Centrefold is. As a brand, the Centrefold brand is not just in Melbourne, but you will find a Centrefold in other countries on other continents. The standards are high and it is this reason that Centrefold is one of those clubs one has to visit at least once to experience what an epic night out in Melbourne can be.