Getting the right security company for your businesses is an essential element for keeping safe your workers, the building and possessions. Live near Chester? Check out Chester security guards at CDX Security.

In order to find the right company here are some tips and questions to ask.

The Company

  • Reputation and Reference
  • Asking for a reference is a very valuable step in order to ensure the experience as well as the ability of the company. A company can boast about their prior experience but it does not always mean the client was satisfied with their work. Asking for a reference from one of their clients means you get a first-hand account of their worth as a company. 
  • However, it is still good to look over the reputation of the company beforehand, narrowing down those with good reviews, and then going through the process of asking for a reference.
  • Experience (particularly training and certifications)
  • Companies can have the best looking website but still have very little good experience. Asking for their training programmes and checking certificates of their different employees (e.g. guards, technicians) also confirms the legitimacy of the security they can provide. 
  • Questioning the company about specific security they might specialise in could be beneficial for you depending on your business, as the company might have particular experience in a certain industry.
  • Range of security options
  • It is good to know about the security options the company can offer you and how customisable it is. The company you choose should tailor a security system to the unique needs of your business.
  • Spend enough time looking over the contract
  • Companies may offer yearly contracts, multi-year or extensions. Along with this, they may have penalties if you wish to break the contract early or bring in another security service along-side their own. Additionally they may have service guarantees that you should make sure they fulfil. This is why it is always best to have a lawyer look over the contract before signing and make sure you read it over carefully.


  • Ask about the brand of the companies equipment 
  • Knowing the quality of the cameras/sensor/monitors they use is important. If their equipment is not up to standard it will not offer you the level of security you are looking for. 
  • How often is it upgraded?
  • As all forms of technology, security systems develop through time. Asking about the upgrade options and the regularity of which the company upgrades its equipment means you know how soon you will receive the best on the market, when the older technology is taken out.

Availability and Support 

  • How will the company respond to an incident? 
  • Find out the different ways the company can support you and how you can reach them. Also ask how they will handle an incident such as a break-in or a fault with the security system.
  • Do they offer 24/7 support? 
  • It is essential for your business to have a non-stop security support system, make sure that the company you choose in the end has this available.

Overall Expense 

  • Basic security system package 
  •  Ask for the total price for the package(s) they may have, and ensure that there will be no hidden costs.
  • Add-on services
  •  A company may also offer additional security options to their packages. Seeing if they have any available that could be beneficial in tailoring the security to your needs.