The United Arab Emirates of UAE is the fastest growing economy of today. This is why so many businessmen wish to business setup in the UAE. Before beginning to set a business in UAE, here’s a list of certain important things that you must keep in mind.

List of things you must be doing right to run a smooth business:

  • People are often judged based on their dressing appearances. If you are a man, then dress in a suit and tie for every business meeting. If you are a woman, avoid wearing shorts and tight tops. Wear anything which is loose and it isn’t necessary to cover your head.
  • In the UAE, coffee and tea are offered as a sign of honour. So if you are offered a cup of coffee or tea then do take it.
  • The major advantage of having a business in the UAE is tax relief. This feature attracts a lot of investors to invest in the UAE.
  • If you like to drink, then you need to have a government permit in UAE for that purpose. Without permits, drinking is considered illegal. This may also cause your imprisonment.

Now following is the list of things that you shouldn’t do:

  • The bouncing of cheques and not paying your bills on time is considered a crime in UAE. You can even be put in prison if you fail to comply with these rules.
  • Do not get involved with drugs, except the one prescribed to you by the doctors. Once caught in a drug scam, you might spend your entire life in prison
  • Do not open a bank account without going through the terms and conditions of the contract and bank charges.
  • Do not sign up for any sponsorship without making a proper contract and getting it attested in a local court.

These are some important points that you should keep in mind while setting a business in UAE. These details no matter how small it seems in the beginning are of immense significance. Do not miss out on any point.