The entire purpose of establishing a child custody agreement is to ensure that the child’s best interests are upheld following a divorce. In most cases, judges and other experts believe that joint custody is the best type of agreement. It allows children to spend time with both of their divorced parents and lets both these parents share the responsibilities and joys of both physical and legal care for the child. Read on to find out about the benefits of hiring Joint custody lawyers to request this form of a child custody agreement.

Understanding of the Law

All child custody lawyers have an in-depth understanding of family law. They know how to file motions, fill out the paperwork correctly, and learn what to expect from the judges tasked with assigning custody. All that specialized knowledge can come in especially handy if one parent is fighting for sole custody, while the other wants to share responsibilities for raising the child.

Focus on Children’s Interests

Tensions tend to run high even in comparatively amicable divorce proceedings, which can cloud parents’ judgment. Their lawyers, on the other hand, will always take an objective view of what is best for the child. If one parent is fighting for sole custody, the lawyer will be able to take all the factors into account and get past individual grievances to come up with an arrangement that will truly be in the child’s best interests.

Negotiating Expertise

Many divorcing couples prefer to use mediation as a means of determining not just the division of assets, but also child custody. Mediation removes the need for a drawn-out courtroom lawsuit, which can reduce stress for both the divorcing couple and their children. Child custody lawyers are expert negotiators who can help to ensure that clients and their children’s best interests are supported throughout the mediation process.

Courtroom Representation

If one parent is rigidly opposed to joint custody, the case may need to be handled in the courtroom. It’s always best to have a child custody lawyer who has experience with courtroom litigation, even if both parents initially claim to prefer mediation over filing a lawsuit. Having legal representation in court can increase the chances of convincing a judge to take a favourable position on the appropriate custody agreement.

Reduced Stress

Tackling child custody issues can be incredibly stressful when one parent is insisting on fighting for sole custody at the potential expense of the child’s wellbeing. Hiring a lawyer helps to reduce stress and combats its potential negative consequences. The lawyer can handle all of the details, keeping track of can’t-miss deadlines and checking that all the necessary paperwork is filled out correctly, even when extreme stress makes it difficult for his or her client to stay on track. Reducing the stress associated with a custody battle can help parents focus on providing support for their children during a difficult time.

The Bottom Line

Every situation is different, but unless one parent poses a danger to his or her child, joint custody is usually the best solution. Lawyers who have experience with drafting joint custody agreements and representing their clients both in mediation proceedings and courtrooms can help clients figure out the best solution for their unique situations.