The contemporary coworking spaces are growing with more and more start-ups and business groups increasingly getting into the coworking spaces. There are numerous advantages the coworking is offering such as flexibility in membership, remarkable lower price in comparison to traditional offices, availability of supportive and cooperative professional members or community, hardworking atmosphere and many more. It draws special attraction from the growing and start-up business because of the reason that coworking spaces contribute to the growth of the customer base and provide new clients connections. The first coworking space was started in San Francisco in 2005 and over the period of five years till July 2011 there were as many as 400 registered coworking spaces and thousands of coworking spaces in the contemporary period functioning worldwide. If you are a start-up or a growing business or an individual self-employed professional interested in getting into a coworking space join a well-structured coworking space with required amenities and facilities like The Hive in your locality or any other location that is convenient for you.

The coworking space price varies from space to space, city and city, and business to business. There are also different kinds of membership options like some days in a week, or monthly and yearly etc. You can also expect to pay a comparatively lower price for a dedicated space for you. Remember, the fees always vary based on the working environment and the amenities they offer. The provisions of amenities in the coworking spaces varies like some coworking spaces would offer restaurants, showers and courtyards. On the other hand, some coworking spaces only offer a desk space. If you are seriously seeking for joining a coworking space, look for the facilities and any other special offers while searching for a suitable coworking space and select the one that has adequate amenities appropriate for your money.

The average monthly fee for a dedicated desk in a US-based co-working space is 387 USD whereas an average hot desk costs 195 USD in a month in the US. This pricing of coworking spaces in the US is somewhat similar to that of coworking spaces around the world. However, the prices of coworking spaces go on fluctuating from country to country. The coworking spaces in the New York City is fast growing with new co-working spaces opening every 7.5 days. There are a variety of different prices for the numerous coworking spaces in the New York City itself.  Manhattan is one of the popular locations in terms of coworking space industry with as many as 245 coworking spaces.