Starting a business is a challenging and bumpy ride. Most millennials and Gen Z young adults look for self-employment opportunities, with a large number of people — around 64% in the UK, wanting to start their own business.

Although this number seems high, the likelihood of successfully running your own company is much lower. Unfortunately, it does not matter how bright and sharp your ideas are — it’s all about execution.

For that reason, we’ll take you through five key lessons you should know before setting on this journey. Hopefully, these will help you navigate your way through the competitive world of business.

Be Willing to Learn

If you want to start your own business, you should be willing to learn a lot. In most cases, what you already know is not going to help take you all the way. That’s why education is crucial. We’re not only talking about formal education but lessons you can learn along the way.

If you find yourself in the position to get a mentor — do it! Hire people that have experience and give opportunities to ambitious young people. When you’re having trouble understanding something, for instance, related to expenditures, ask your accountant.

We cannot stress enough how important it is to stay humble and keep the learning flame burning.

Failure is an Option

Keep in mind that the road to success is not a straight line. You will hit many roadblocks along the way that will set you back significantly — and that’s okay. What you can do is learn from your failures. Study them, and see where you have made mistakes and how you can improve as you continue.

You might think that you’re the only one that’s failing, but that is far from the truth. What you do not see is that other entrepreneurs are failing as well. In these cases, you will only focus on other people’s success, while neglecting to focus on your own failures and shortages.

According to studies, the average entrepreneur is 45 years old. It will take some time to get you started, and it will probably be years before your business is booming. Take note of your failures and do not give up.

Networking is Key

It might sound wrong, but business is all about who you know. Many successful entrepreneurs regret not striking connections since day one. Think about it this way — not networking might result in a potential partner loss.

There’s a lot to gain from networking and meeting new people. Knowing someone that can advise you in a particular situation when you don’t see a solution can genuinely be indispensable. Regardless of how small or big you currently are, start networking.

Doubts are Normal

Doubt will surely become your friend in the first couple of months. As you’re just starting out, you will doubt every single step that you take. But what you can do to overcome your doubts is way more significant.

Start with analyzing what you have done and doing it better the next time around. Even if your memory is strong, take notes from the very start. They will come in handy in a few years when you want to recall past events. Journaling or note-taking is a truly amazing tool that will help you evaluate yourself as you progress.

Keep in mind that doubting yourself too much will only slow down your progress. Although doubting is a normal human emotion, it’s essential not to let it overcome you. Work on your confidence because you will need it as a successful entrepreneur.

Love What You Do

Statistics show that only 15% of people around the world are satisfied and engaged in their jobs. This number made us think — why would you start a business that you will not enjoy?

It might sound easy and straightforward, but do what you love. If you are planning on starting a business, go down the route that drives you. Passion is a powerful force. Regardless of the industry, if you do something that you love and love what you do, there’s no stopping you.

Keep in mind that you also need to make an effort and follow some of our advice from the article.

All in all, job satisfaction is key to a happy and fulfilled life. Many leading industries started thanks to ambitious and driven entrepreneurs with a vision. Nothing is stopping you from being one of them. Take the leap and work hard at accomplishing your goals.